Chewy White Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe with Sprinkles

We are back with another sprinkle filled chocolate chip cookie! We just can’t get enough of these thick, chewy sweet cookies. By changing a few things, we made theme the exact match to a party we are throwing. This Chewy White Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe is going to be your go to for all of your upcoming parties. What a fun addition to for sprinkle party ideas too!

Chewy White chocolate chip cookie recipe - cookies in purple bowl and circus animal cookie sprinkles around

Cookie Sprinkles

Using our very favorite go-to Sprinkle Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, we whipped these up to go with a Circus Cookie party similar to our Circus Cookie Sweetscape InstaParty! The Rainbow Nonpareils really make these the perfect cookies for that.

Closeup of white chocolate circus cookies on white mini cake stand

We changed our Sprinkle Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe by swapping out the chocolate chips with just white chocolate chips, and used our Vegan Circus Cookie sprinkle mix. It’s incredible how just two little recipe tweaks can change the look and flavor of such a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Mint green plate of white chocolate chip cookies and vegan circus cookie sprinkles

These white chocolate chip cookies would make a sweet addition to a baby girl baby shower or bridal shower wouldn’t they? The White Heart quin sprinkles from the mix show up perfectly in the batter. We did not use any nuts in the white chocolate chip cookie recipe but you could easily add some. Doing so might make them a modern version of such a classic recipe. The crunch of the cooled white chocolate chips actually give it a macadamia nut type quality. For those of you with nut allergies, that might be a perfect option for you! Our taste testers thought they were macadamia nut cookies so who are we to ruin the assumption?

Chewy White Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

With the holidays coming up, we’ll be batching up the different variations of our Sprinkle Chocolate Chip Cookie to give out to teachers and coworkers as gifts! How great would the dry mix be in a mason jar instead and the sprinkles on top? We hope you enjoyed these White Chocolate Chip Cookies packed with our Circus Animal Cookies sprinkle mix.

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White Chocolate Chip Cookies picture collage

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