We’ve got a new look!

For the last few months, we’ve been working on some major changes here at Sweets & Treats. We’ll be announcing all of this in phases over the next few months.  The first phase is our new branding, color palette, and look! We have been working over the last few months with the ahhhhhmazing Melissa Rose Design for our overall look and feel. Y’all, she’s the bomb.  She took all of the ideas in my head and brought them to life.

When you come to the homepage of our new baking and party supply website, the first thing you’ll notice is a fun, clean, bright look. We design our cupcake liners in bright colors that stand out and that are unlike any others so we wanted our website to have the same feel.  Our new logo has a bright, vibrant combination of hot pink, teal, and lime green with an uneven, artistic arrangement.

We've Got a New Look! | Sweets & Treats

Below the home page are the representations of our main product lines in icon form. Our exclusive BakeBright™ greaseproof baking cups, our Stylish Straws™ paper straws, our Get-Giddy Goodie Bags™, and our other supplies category have been turned into fun, whimsical icons. Take a closer look at the Cupcake Liners icon and you’ll see a sideways S connected to the leg of the T for S&T.  That’s my favorite right behind that adorable party hat! Swoon!

To the left of the icons is the same Shop By search criteria you’ve been used to seeing and using. You can search any theme, or color for all of our products. Looking just for pink items, you can do that. Looking for any items for Halloween, you can do that too. No need to go through all of the products if you don’t need to. Did you notice the jagged top and bottom borders? These are cupcake liner edges. Our S&T icon also has cupcake liner edges worked into it. This particular icon is worked into the corner of every product photo.

We've Got a New Look! | Sweets & TreatsThe navigation is a bit simpler to use and we’ve made the ordering process easier for our cupcake liners. Our liners are still currently sold in retail packs, bulk sleeves, and wholesale cases. Instead of ordering one of three packaging options in the drop down box you may be used to, they are listed in retail pack quantities. If you are used to ordering bulk sleeves, you would want to order in quantities of 10. If you are used to ordering wholesale cases, that’s 200 quantity. The packaging options are technically still there, you’ll just need to calculate them differently. The main benefit of this is that previously you had to ordering quantities or 10 and then a retail pack of higher price if you want anything between. Now, if you want, 13 packs, they are all the same price. The graphic shown below is on every cupcake liner’s product page to help explain the pricing structure.

We've Got a New Look! | Sweets & Treats

Our paper straws and goodie bags list their discount price structure on their pages as well. This isn’t any different than our last website but the pricing is. We’ve lowered the price of both categories as well as lowered the price discounts to accommodate our retailers as well as make part planning easier for all of our customers.

New to the site is a page dedicated to where you can find S&T products locally. We get lots of customer requests about party supply shops they can pop in to get what they need. Now you can! The shops are organized by state so you can quickly and easily see where to go by checking out the Where To Buy page.


We've Got a New Look! | Sweets & Treats

We’ve also rebranded our blog to go with our website. Our categories are grouped in a way that the related posts are much easier to find. There is also a fun little customer spotlight section where we showcase our customer creations.

We've Got a New Look! | Sweets & Treats

We’ll be announcing the other pieces as soon as they are ready. We are working on our packaging and MRD definitely didn’t disappoint. Just wait and see!

Have a look around and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you!

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