Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookies [packed with sprinkles!]

New year, new sprinkle cookie recipe! Our go-to chocolate chip cookies recipe blends so well with our favorite Valentine sprinkles – Love Boat. With bright red and pink colors of jimmies and beautiful confetti heart sugar shapes, this will be a favorite Valentine chocolate chip cookies recipe for your sweets tables!

valentine chocolate chip cookies on pink plate with sprinkles around

We just can’t even believe that Valentine’s Day is already almost here! The stores are already jam packed with Valentine candies, class treats, and stuffed animals. While we decide what cute Valentine party ideas we’ll be choosing for this new year, we’ve made a Valentine cookie version of our go-to chocolate chip cookies recipe. This might be our favorite one yet! With the gorgeous mix of deep red sprinkles, and bright pink heart sugar shapes you just can’t deny that they are perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Chocolate chip cookie dough in clear mixing bowl with valentine sprinkles

For this valentine chocolate chip cookies recipe, we didn’t tweak anything, we simply chose our Love Boat sprinkle mix to be mixed in instead of any of our other sprinkles. Our Quin Valentine Mix would be an excellent mix in as well.

Love Boat sprinkle mix - Valentine Sprinkles closeup picture

Just think how those beautiful, big, confetti sugar shapes would look in the batter! Another tweak could be with just adding pink food coloring or even a little red with cocoa powder for Red Velvet! We may just have to try that! It’s just as fun dipping them right before baking instead mixing them in. Either way, they are sure to be a beautiful staple to your holiday sweets!

Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookies with sprinkles on pink round plate on red background

With this recipe, we tried scooping the dough out before chilling so that it would be easier to handle. We actually really prefer this method. Our recipes yield about 30 2tsp cookies so it works wonders to freeze a bunch and only bake what you need. The chocolate chip cookies taste just as delicious when baked after being frozen than they do freshly made! Gotta love an easier way to make these Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Valentine Party Supplies on red background

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Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookies with sprinkles.

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