Pinata Cupcakes! How To Make Sprinkle Filled Cupcakes

We hope you are ready to party today because we’re back with another simple cupcake tutorial that is sure to be a hit at any celebration. Today’s cupcake tutorial is fun, festive, and sure to be a hit! These Pinata Cupcakes are not only topped with sprinkles, they are just waiting to be cracked open to reveal a surprise inside sprinkle center. How incredible would these be for a gender reveal party?!

You guys, we can’t stop thinking about all.the.ideas! If it’s one thing we are obsessed with, it’s surprises of all kinds. These would be so fun to announce a college acceptance or for different holidays you can color the sprinkles to match your theme. We chose a standard sprinkle mix for these but you can mix and match to any theme you need. They are way too easy!

Plate of pinata cupcakes filled with sprinkles on light pink background

Pinata Surprise Cupcakes Bursting With Sprinkles Inside

Pinata cupcakes have become super popular in the baking world recently, and it’s not hard to see why. They are seriously so much fun. Just when you think a sprinkle covered cupcake couldn’t get any more fun you take a big bite to reveal SURPRISE sprinkles gushing from the inside. Because really there is not such thing as too many sprinkles, we promise. Today we’re showing you just how easy it is to make these sprinkle filled pinata cupcakes with our Pinata Bash sprinkle mix. These are the fun cupcakes this sprinkle mix has been waiting for. 

Ready, set, let’s bake! You’ll just need some BakeBright greaseproof cupcake liners, you favorite frosting and cupcake recipe like our Vanilla or Chocolate, your favorite sprinkles, and your baking supplies to get started. Not sure how many sprinkle bags you need? Check out our post here showing you which frosting styles use which number of bags.

Closeup of pinata cupcakes center with rainbow jimmies sprinklesHow To Make Pinata Cupcakes 

  1. Use a 1 tsp measuring spoon to carve out a hole for the vanilla cupcakes. To do this the easy way, lay the measuring spoon upside down directly over the center of the cupcake. Begin by pushing one side into the cake and continue twisting the measuring spoon until it comes out the opposite side, as if you were carving melon balls! Set the extra piece of cake down just beside the cupcake, you will use it as a lid. There are other options for cutting the center out of a cupcakes but you’ll always have a measuring spoon handy when baking, so that’s the method we used here.
  2. Fill with sprinkles just below the top. You want to leave a little room to place the removed piece of cupcake back on. We loved our Pinata Bash sprinkle mix for these pinata cupcakes so that the rainbow jimmies sprinkles we decided to use.
  3. Place removed cake back on top of sprinkles and press down a bit to squish it back into place. Frost cupcake in any way you would like, here were made a smooth swirl using our vanilla buttercream frosting. Check out some other options here and learn just how many bags of sprinkles you need for your party sweets!
  4. Add sprinkles on top or any other cupcake topper of your choice.

How to make pinata cupcakes steps

Pinata Surprise Cupcakes Are Sure To Be A Hit At Any Celebration!

These easy pinata sprinkle cupcakes are sure to be a hit at fiestas where pinatas are the center of attention, however, they also make great center pieces at any type of party where cupcakes are welcome – which is all parties naturally. With hundreds of sprinkles and sprinkle mixes in the shop you could create surprise inside pinata cupcakes for any occasion. Try these fun combinations!

Not sure how many bags of sprinkles you need? Check out our conversion How Many Sprinkles Do I Need charts to get started! Because this tutorial needed all the color, we chose full coverage for our frosting method. Dress these up with an elegant swirl too. In a pinch? Use box mix. It’s really just the inside that counts! They’ll be just as fun!

Closeup shot of the inside of pinata cupcakes using Pinata Bash jimmies sprinkles on pink plate

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