Summer Party Ideas – Fruit Party Ideas and Party Supplies

Oh yea, you know we love a fruit themed party! Is there any more appropriate theme for summer party ideas? Inspired by this month’s DIY fruit inspired sprinkle mix kit, we are crushing on all things fruity. We had so much fun gathering up all of our favorite items to share some fruit party ideas and inspiration. Are you y’all ready for all the cuteness? Here are a bunch of different fruit inspired themes you could mix and match for an unforgettable event.

Fruit sprinkle mixes for all of your summer party ideas!Eek! Like can you even. This Tutti Fruity sprinkle mix kit is April’s sprinkle mix kit, available this month only! ย And we couldn’t help but play.

Seriously, look at all this bright colors! Our bright BakeBright greaseproof cupcake liners just shine here don’t they? But then again how can we forget those fruity sprinkles mixes? So many cute products for fruit inspired parties. Want to take a closer look at each of those fruit inspired sprinkle mixes? Of course you do!

Summer Party Ideas, Fruit Party Supplies, and Inspiration

Pink Lemonade Party Ideas

Pink Lemonade Party Sprinkles - Pink and yellow jimmies, sugar crystals and more in a yellow stripe ice cream cupStarting of with a fruit sprinkle mix close to our heart, Sweet Tart! We can’t ever get enough of this yellow and pink sweet and sour combo.

Pink Lemonade Party Ideas - Pink and Yellow Party SuppliesJust look how cute this pink lemonade party idea style board is! Those lemon candles really are the cutest. For this adorable party we gathered up all the yellow stripes we could! Yellow stripe treat cups, yellow stripe goodie bags, and even two yellow stripe straws – pinstripe and rugby stripe If you love this as much as we do you should totally check out one of our very first parties we shared on the blog, you guessed it, pink lemonade themed!

Watermelon Party Ideas

Watermelon sprinkles + party supplies.For our next fruit party ideas, we actually shared an entire post with our newest fruit sprinkle mix, Melon Cooler, so if you are looking for watermelon party supplies definitely check out out post.

Watermelon cupcake with watermelon sprinkles.Just look at these watermelon cupcakes with our pink rugby cupcake liners and watermelon sprinkle mix!

Is there really any other fruit that is more summer worthy than watermelon? It’s the best summer party ideas theme we could choose!

Citrus Party Ideas

Lemon lime sprinkles, spoons, cups, and good bags.Next up is our sunny and bright sprinkle mix Sour Punch! It has all the right feels for a citrus themed party. We would love to see more of these bright colors and citrus parties in the fruit parties trend! So if you’re on the hunt for fruit party ideas this would be SUCH a cute one. And may we say, it’s so fresh. Ha! For this look we layered lots of bright treat cups striped and solids. Then we had a blast choosing the perfect colors of our reusable party straws.

Lemon lime spoons and sprinkles. Let’s take a close up of those sprinkles! We paired our Sour Punch sprinkle mixย with great fruit sprinkles like the small orange nonpareils, the yellow nonpareils, and even lime green jimmies!

Lemon Lime spoons, sprinkles, and goodie bags.Add a few lime green goodie bags are you are all set! Can you tell we really want to throw a lemon lime party?

Cherry Party Ideas

Cherry dummies, cherry sprinkles, and goodie bag. We couldn’t help but dream of a cute cherry fruit party! Cherry dummies + striped goodies bags + adorable! How cute would these be for an end of the school year treat!

Cherry party supplies and sprinkles.Who says green and red are for Christmas only? These green and red striped paper party straws are perfect for a fruit inspired party. Don’t forget the cherry red sugar pearls!

Strawberry Shortcake Party Ideas

Strawberry Shortcake Party Supplies + Strawberry Sprinkles.Now we don’t want to say we saved our favorite fruit party idea for last because we try not to pick favorites, but if we were to say we had to have a favorite, this strawberry party idea board would be our FAV. Only if we had to chose a favorite of course.ย The pinks, red, and greens are just so so berry cute! We started with our Berry Bliss Sprinkle Mix of course. We needed a few red polka dot strawberry party supplies like these red polka dot treat cups, red polka dot paper party straws, and our red dot greaseproof cupcake liners. How about those checkered paper party straws though, they are so classic strawberry theme!

Strawberry Paper Party Straws.Strawberry Shortcake Party Ideas

Naturally we couldn’t forget our adorableย Strawberry Paper Party Straws!

We hope you love our summer party ideas and fruit party ideas roundup. There’s not a color we didn’t cover. Each of these themes are such fun by themselves but how incredible would they all be together? All the colors of summer, we just can’t help but to love! Can’t you just see this as a Fruit party table?

Summer party ideas, fruit party ideas - fruit party supplies laid out on bright yellow background

Now you guys can see why we had so much fun rounding up these fruit party supplies collections for cherry parties, pink lemonade parties, strawberry parties, citrus parties, and watermelon parties. These colors just make us swoon!

If you love these fruit party ideas & summer party ideas, check out our other Party Inspiration!


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