Star Wars Party Ideas – Star Wars Themed Sprinkles

In the kid’s party world, there are some themes that will last forever. Star Wars parties are definitely one of them and it’s not hard to see why. Families continue to enjoy this incredible series generation after generation. Here at Sweets & Treats we love seeing all of your Star Wars party ideas full of light sabers, storm troopers, spaceships, and more! Which is why of course we knew we needed to create a Star Wars inspired sprinkle mix to add to our huge sprinkle collection.

Today we’re featuring Star Wars inspired sprinkle mix, Dark Side, along with a few other Star Wars party ideas alongside coordinating baking and party supplies from the shop. Wouldn’t this theme be so much fun for a Halloween party too? We think so!

Star Wars Party Ideas - Star Wars Sprinkles in white dish on black background

Star Wars Party Sprinkles

Now if that’s not the perfect sprinkle mix for the force, what is?! We love, love, love how this sprinkle mix starts with black then layers in a bit of silver and pops of red and green. But that’s not all, star quins really make this mix say Star Wars! Although we think this Star Wars inspired mix would pair perfectly with our black, green, and red Bake Bright cupcake liners we’re partial to our silver liners for this out of this world combination.

Star Wars Party Supplies collage on black background

Star Wars Party Supplies

If you’re looking for more Star Wars party ideas, here are a few of our other favorite items from the shop to help you create a simple and modern Star Wars party.  These silver chevron goodie bags are absolutely perfect for not only filling with goodies, but snacks as well. Speaking of snacks, a combination of green, red, and black treat cups are a must! But then again while you’re creating an epic out of this world party you should probably have the perfect combination of party straws as well, including these silver stars. (All products linked below!) Wouldn’t it be fun to let the kids make light sabers from the straws?

Star Wars Party Ideas - Toy Light Sabers and sprinkles on black background

Star Wars Party Favors

If you spend any time scrolling through pinterest, we know you’ve seen lots of different light saber ideas. Our favorite are the light sabers made from pool noodles! Wrap them with duct tape at the bottom and go to town. Your kiddos will be Hans Solo in no time!

Star Wars Party Decorations

Paper lanterns made incredible movie prop ideas. An extra way to spice up this star wars themed party is to have all the attendees come dress as a Star Wars character. What fun Star Wars birthday party ideas for a one around Halloween! That lets all the girls get in on the action too as Princess Leia. There are so many fun food, birthday cake, and party ideas around this theme. Yoda Soda is another fun one too with printable Star Wars themed drink labels. Dress up your dessert table and food table with these fun dessert and food ideas.

That’s it for our sprinkle feature today, we hope you love this Star Wars inspired sprinkle mix as much as we do and picked up a few Star Wars party ideas as well. Don’t forget, as always, you can shop this whole post below.


Sprinkles -Silver, Dark Side

BakeBright Cupcake Liners – Silver, Black, Red, Green

Treat Cups – Black, Green, Red

Paper Party Straws – Silver Stars, Solid Red, Green Foil, Solid Black

Goodie Bags – Silver Chevron

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