St. Patrick’s Day Mint Freakshake

Is it just us or are we just flying through this year holiday after holiday! It seems like we were just posting Christmas treats last week and here we are already on our second post for St. Patrick’s day. Our first was the launch of February’s mix kit Lucky you! Today we’re having a little fun with ice cream with this St. Patrick’s Day Mint Freakshake! This mint shake is a great way to work ice cream into a crazy fun dessert! With adding sprinkles and lots of sweets, we had so much fun making this dessert.

Mint Freakshake - St. Patrick's Day green freakshake in glass mug with sprinkles and topped with brownie

Some of you might be a little unsure what on earth is a freakshake…other’s of you might be just as in love with them as we are! Freakshakes are a trendy new dessert that combines a shake plus a few other yummy treats all into one giant milkshake! Naturally these milk shakes are a little well much hints the word freak, so we created a slightly smaller portioned shake. Also it’s good to note,ย like all good things more is well more. And by more we mean cha-ching. So we thought it would be fun to create our very of St. Patrick’s Day Mint Freakshake using things we love and featuring some of our favorite St. Patrick’s day sprinkles + straws! After all, who doesn’t love a local Shamrock Shake at the drive thru? That was our inspiration for this delicious mint dessert.

Closeup shot of top of mint freakshake and brownie

St. Patrick’s Day Mint Freakshake Recipe

Makes 4 servings. You will need:

Recipe Steps

  1. First you will need to make the sprinkle rim on the glasses, a staple on freak shakes! To do so add a small amount of corn syrup to the rim of your glass. Then dip in the rainbow sprinkles. Place these prepped glass in the fridge to chill for your shake.
  2. In a blender or even mixing bowl mix together ice cream + milk. Start with one cup of milk then add additional milk if you desire it to be thinner.
  3. Pour shake into chilled glasses. Add straws, then brownies, sprinkles, cotton candy, and more sprinkles!

Decorate with rainbow or shamrock ring toppers if you would like! We chose our gold foil straws. You could use and mix and match any of our paper straws to go with these.

Two mint freakshakes on table of sprinkles


Will you be getting your mint freakshake on? Don’t forget to hashtag #sweetssquad so we can see too!

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