Snow White Party Ideas & Party Supplies

We just know y’all are going to love our newest party supplies round up, straight from the shop! And not just because it’s inspired by one of our favorite princesses ever, it’s the fairest party in the land! Yep, that’s right, today we’re taking a look at our favorite Snow White party supplies in the shop. Hopefully this post will leave you with lots of easy Snow White party ideas and a happily ever after!

Snow White Party Ideas - Cupcakes topped with Bad Apple Snow White Party Sprinkles

There is just no happily ever after that doesn’t include cake right? So we’re starting things off with some cupcakes that are sure to make even the old witch wising she could trade in one of those apples for a bite! and just to prove adorable cupcakes really don’t have to be complicated, we created this Snow White cupcake look starting with a combination of blue, yellow, red, and silver BakeBright greaseproof cupcake liners. Then we added a simple swirl of yellow buttercream and topped with our Snow White inspired sprinkle mix, Bad Apple. Simple coordinating candles and apple cupcake rings were the perfect finishing touch.

Don’t for get a few mirrors! A simple idea like serving cupcakes and other treats on mirrors will really bring in the Snow White party ideas theme.

Snow White Party Supplies - Bad Apple Sprinkles spilling out of red striped goodie bag

Isn’t this Bad Apple sprinkle mix just perfect for a Snow White party? And now that we think of it, a few apple cookies wrapped up in these red stripe treat bags would be the perfect ending to a fairy tale party. Don’t forget the red sugar pearls, they look like tiny little apples!

Snow White Party Supplies on blue background in assorted grid pattern

We really love gathering up party supplies like this. Isn’t it so much fun to see how a few unique party supplies and baking supplies can come together to create really unique Snow White party ideas? They will pair perfectly with a few character print decor pieces or stand alone on their own.

Snow White Party Paper Straws

This paper party straws combo really is the perfect Snow White mix! These would be perfect server in apple juice boxes instead of the standard clear straws that come with them.

Snow White Birthday Party Ideas - Cupcakes on blue background and red candles


BakeBright Cupcake Liners – Blue, Red, Silver

Sprinkles –Bad Apple, Red Sugar Pearls,

Paper Straws –Yellow Pin Stripe, Blue Rugby, Solid GreyWhite, Red Stripe

Goodie Bags – Red Stripe 

Treat Cups – Red

Spoons – Red, Light Blue, Blue, White, Yellow


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