Rubber Duck Baby Shower Ideas & Party Supplies

Rub a dub dub! Grab the tub, grab the bubbles, it’s time for an adorable rubber ducky baby shower! Now y’all know we love to talk about parties around here. With a shop full of BakeBright cupcake liners and sprinkles galore you could say parties are kind of our jam and naturally we often share ideas and parties from the shop but we’ve been in short supply of baby shower posts around here. It’s time we fix that! So let’s talk baby with a few rubber duck baby shower ideas & party supplies

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Cupcakes with bubble cupcake frosting

Rubber Duck Cupcakes With Bubble Frosting

There’s no reason for us to hide behind the bubbles here so we’ll just start with the cutest rubber ducky cupcakes! No really, these ducky cupcakes are sure to be the star of the baby shower, second to that adorable baby bump of course. To create them we started with our blue dot greaseproof BakeBright cupcakes liners to represent the bath water, then added “bubbles” of frosting, added our Bubble Bath sprinkle mix, and topped with some mini rubber duckies. These cupcakes are super simple to make no matter your skill level. 

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Ideas - Rubber Duck Cupcakes with rubber ducks on top on white plate

How To Make The Bubble Frosting

This is so easy. To create the frosting bubbles for your baby shower cupcakes, use a large round piping tip to pipe little blobs of white frosting on top of your cupcake in a mound formation. It’s ok if there are pointy tips at first. Chill the cupcakes for about 15 minutes and then use a clean paper towel to easily smooth the tip and smooth the little blobs into bubbles. Easy! Then you can add your sprinkles and duckies of course. The way to make these cupcakes is very similar to our cloud cupcakes tutorial from our Pajama Party post.

Rubber Duck Sprinkle Mix – Bubble Bath

And did we mention, we actually have a sprinkle mix that was created with these rubber duck baby shower ideas in mind? Of course we do! This squeaky clean mix, Bubble Bath has all the elements of any rubber ducky baby shower: yellow, blue, and more blue! UPDATE: We now have ducky shaped sprinkles as well! They are PERFECT for this baby shower combo. You can add these to the mix or around the party on the table as confetti!

Rubber Duck Baby Shower Ideas using duck cupcakes and bubble bath sprinkles

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Party Supplies 

Now that we’ve chatted about bubbly cupcakes and bath time inspired sprinkle mixes we should share some other ducky perfect finds from the shop that come together to create a cute rubber ducky theme in a snap. Like these yellow and blue reusable party spoons and coordinating treat cups. Which make perfect little “tubs” to serve bubbly treats in. 

Don’t forget the extra bubbles! One super easy way to bring in extra bubble elements is by using white gumballs laid out near your decor. Want more? Grab some inexpensive ping pong balls and you have all the bubbles your ducky baby shower needs! 

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Party Supplies

Rubber Ducky Paper Straws Mix

Before we pull the plug on this rubber ducky baby shower ideas post, let’s take a closer look at this paper straw combo. Another easy yet super effective way to bring in a theme, after all, it’s all in the details! With shades of blue, pops or yellow, they’ll fit in just perfect at any rubber ducky baby shower. 

Rubber duck baby shower paper straws mix on blue background

Planning a rubber ducky baby shower? We’ve got you covered! Shop these supplies easily in the section below. 

Other Rubber Duck Baby Shower Ideas

Splish splash! We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t post some other fun ideas. Of course there needs to be a precious diaper cake, blue punch bowl with a rubber ducky on top and “bubbles” floating too, and lots of baby shower games! This ducky baby shower theme is so classic and versatile you can pretty much work in anything you want to compliment the ducky baby shower decorations. 


BakeBright Cupcake Liners – Blue Dot

Sprinkles – Bubble Bath, Rubber Duckies 

Paper Straws –  Solid Blue, Yellow Rugby, Yellow Pinstripe, Blue Stripe, Blue Rugby

Goodie Bags – Blue Stripe

Reusable Plastic Ice Cream Spoons – All Colors

Treat Cups – Solid Blue, Solid Yellow

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