Rainbow Party Supplies & Rainbow Party Ideas

If you take even a little look at our shop you’ll notice one thing right away. We love color!! All the colors, all the time. We strive to carry our products in an entire rainbow of colors so you can always find exactly what you need no matter the baking or party theme. Don’t believe us? Check out our sprinkle selection!  We thought it was time we rounded up some of our favorite rainbow party supplies here on the blog because when you think of all the colors, you think of a rainbow!

Rainbow Party Ideas - Rainbow reusable plastic ice cream spoons with sprinkles on pink background

Rainbow Ice Cream Spoons

You’ve probably seen us posting these spoons before, we just can’t help it! They are the cutest reusable ice cream spoons and yes they come in the rainbow. As a matter of fact, there are even more colors then show here. You can buy them by the color or an assortment.  Think of the little ice cream cups lined up at a rainbow birthday party with these guys hanging out. So cute!

Best Cupcake Frosting Recipe on rainbow cupcake with unicorn sprinkles on pink background

Rainbow Sprinkle Cupcakes and Rainbow Cupcake Toppers

Naturally, we need to give a little love to some cupcakes and rainbow sprinkles! Is there anything that could possibly make a kid happier? We don’t think so. This Unicorn Cake sprinkle mix is seriously a favorite. We know we say that a lot, but we mean it this time! It has a beautiful white base with all the best colors of the rainbow mixed it! The sugar crystals really stand out in this mix. Our pink stripe cupcake liners pair perfectly with this combination.

Rainbow party supplies collage with ice cream spoons, ice cream cups, paper straws, and rainbow sprinkles on light pink background

Rainbow Party Supplies

How cute are these rainbow spoons coordinated with our rainbow treat cups?! So darn cute. They also come in dots and stripes so if prints are your thing go crazy. No matter the color or pattern, you can find what you need with our large selection. Mix and match to coordinate your one of a kind party!

Rainbow Paper Straws in assorted patterns on pink background

Rainbow Paper Straws

While we were gathering out rainbow party supplies we decided we wanted the whole rainbow. With over 200 colors to choose from how could we not? From stripes and dots to solids and checkered, we have exactly what you are looking for!

Best Cupcake Frosting Recipe on rainbow cupcake with unicorn sprinkles on pink background

Rainbow Sprinkles – Unicorn Cake Sprinkles

Last but certainly not least is our unicorn sprinkles mix. When you think of a girly, pink rainbow party, you definitely think of unicorns. This party theme was so much fun to coordinate around our favorite sprinkle mix. We hope you love our rainbow party supplies as much as we do!


Sprinkles – Unicorn Cake

BakeBright Greaseproof Cupcake Liners –  Pink Stripe

Goodie Bags – Pink Stripe

Paper Party Straws –  Orange Stripe,  Lime Green Stripe, Yellow RugbyLight Blue, Pink Rugby, Purple Stripe

Reusable Party Spoons – Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Light Pink

Treat Cups – Pink, Yellow, Blue Purple, Green, Orange


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