Pirate Party Ideas & Party Supplies

Ahoy there Matey! How ya be? Sorry, we’ll ditch the accent. When we work on a theme around here we go all in. What can we say we’re suckers for a good theme and you know what’s a good theme? Pirates!  Which is why we decided that for this month’s Sweetscape we wanted to have a little pirate party fun! As always, we’ve rounded up some easy pirate party ideas and our favorite party supplies from the shop. Let’s set sail!

Pirate Party Ideas & Pirate Party Table with favors and gold coins on sand backgroundPirate Party Tablescape

When it comes to pirates they have a standard color scheme red, black, white, and GOLD! A classic combo that never gets old and always looks good, so we decided we better stick to the code. We kept things pretty simple by playing off the black, red, and white theme with the supplies then and adding pops of gold. Did you know we have a sprinkle mix made just for pirates? That’s right, the perfect sprinkles, because even pirates need to have pirate birthday fun!

Pirate Party Decorations

Pirate decorations are so fun and EASY to prep for. The colors are so classic. In addition to our tablescape and party favor ideas, you could throw in some fun party games, hand out a flag for each table and attendee seat, as well as add some black foil chocolate candy cannon balls for a little buried treasure fun! Pirates ships scattered throughout the party decor would be great. A little DIY paint or color station would be so fun too! Make sure dad dresses up as Captain Hook to really get the vibe going! Hey, kids love costumes but so do adults!

Pirate Party Cupcakes and sprinkles with gold coins and letter scrolls on tan backgroundPirate Party Cupcakes

Such a perfect sprinkle mix for a little pirate’s party. As always you won’t have to hunt down the sprinkles at any party we throw! We topped all of our cupcakes with sprinkles which were baked in our red stripe and black stripe BakeBright cupcake liners and frosted with a beautiful simple swirl of red icing. But don’t forget those cute little hat cupcake toppers.

We felt the only rightful place to display our cupcakes at this pirate party was in the gold, I mean after all cupcakes are the real treasure here! If you’re looking for pirate party ideas we can’t recommend a display of gold coins enough. They really bring the theme together! Not only can they be used as the display, but they also make great take-home favors as well. Be sure to hide some for a real treasure hunt!

Pirate Party Ideas on stripe plates and tan sand backgroundPirate Party Favors

We’ve heard little pirates get cranky without something in their tummies. We made sure to serve up snacks in these sweet little treasure chests and red punch so they could dig right in before the main course arrived. At each place setting, we also filled a goodie bag with an eye patch, faux mustache, treasure map, earrings, and other fun trinkets to get the kids in character!

Pirate Party Paper Straws assortment on tan backgroundPirate Party Paper Straws

Don’t forget the paper straws! If you think hungry pirates are cranky you should see a thirsty pirate! Without a good drink, you’ll be walking the plank in no time! It’s a good thing we have over 200 paper straws in the shop. The combinations are truly endless.

Pirate Party Ideas & Pirate Party Supplies collage on tan sand backgroundPirate Party Supplies

Doesn’t this pirate themed party look like so much fun? Who knew eye patches and skulls could be so darn cute! We hope you were inspired by our little pirate theme  and got some fresh ideas of your own! We can’t wait to see how you incorporate these into your upcoming event! We hope this post gives you the jump start to plan the upcoming event of your rrrrrsome dreams!

Pirate Party Ideas using gold coins on white plate


Sprinkles – Pirates Party

Cupcake Liners – Black Stripe, Red Stripe

Goodie Bags – Red Stripe

Straws – Red Dot, Red Pinstripe, Solid Red, Solid Black, Black Pinstripe, Black Rugby

Spoons – Red

Treat Cups – Red Polka Dots


We can’t wait to see how you use our pirate party ideas!

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