Pink Lemonade Party – First Birthday Party

You guys, this Pink Lemonade Party has been in the works since we found out a Sweets & Treats baby girl was on the way! There’s just something about hot pinks being complimented by the bright colors of yellow and white that made this the perfect first birthday party theme. Of course we had to incorporate lemons because there’s nothing sweeter than homemade lemonade! This Pink Lemonade Party comes complete with a DIY lemonade stand, pink yarn accents, and push pop stand.
Pink Lemonade Party Ideas - Pink and Yellow Party Supplies
For this birthday party, we wanted bright pink and bright yellow – no pastels here! We designed all of the yellow chevron print with pink graphic signs and invitations to match the party. There’s just something so classic about this party theme and colors.
Pink Lemonade Party Sprinkles - Pink and yellow jimmies, sugar crystals and more in a yellow stripe ice cream cup

Pink Lemonade Party Details

All the pink and yellow party supplies are from our shop. We made a pink lemonade inspired sprinkle mix as well just for this theme. It’s appropriately named Sweet Tart. It’s packed with yellow, pink, and white jimmies, sugar pearls, sugar crystals, nonpareils and other class sprinkles to make the perfect combo.
Pink watering can filled with plastic silverwareThis little decor detail is probably the most fun part of the party. It’s just a tiny watering can that we used to hold the plastic silverware for the party next to the paper plates. We place it right in front of a picture of the birthday girl’s pink lemonade photo shoot.

Instead of doing a standard cake, we decided to go with cake push pops which were a success with both the kids and adults. No mess, no clean up. The push pop containers came fromĀ JB Prince. Yes you can find them on Etsy or some other shops but they are so expensive! The 8 oz kiddie drink cups (plastic so no broken glass) are listed in this blog post since we don’t sell them in our party supply shop anymore. I also used the bottles for the gumball and sixlet favors.
Pink Lemonade Party Favors - Plastic bottles filled with candy, DIY pink lemonade mixAll candy was ordered online from Oh Nuts! They have a great variety of colors and bulk candy options. The party decorations and pink and yellow party accents came from Hobby Lobby because, well, Hobby Lobby has everything. Even this beautiful glitter letter O for the birthday girl’s initials. We filled a glass hurricane with lemons as part of the party decor.
Pink Lemonade Party Decor - Lemons in glass hurricane
For the other side of the pink lemonade party table, we dyed some lima beans with pink and yellow food coloring in a gallon sized bag and layered them in a glass hurricane as a base for the pink, yellow, and white rock candy on top.
Pink Lemonade Party Decor - DIY colored beans layered with rock candy sticksLastly, we made the lemonade stand from a small crate from Michael’s craft store, two wooden pieces screwed to the back edges, and one small wooden sheet for the sign (we cut it freely to make it look broken on the edges), and lots of pink paint. It was the perfect height for the 1 year old birthday girl! You can’t have a Pink Lemonade Birthday Party without a mini lemonade stand now can you?
Pink Lemonade Birthday Party marshmallow pops with sugar crystals and striped paper straws

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  1. I too LOVE your Blog!! Where did you find your kiddie cups & also where did you get the tags & stands that say kiddie cups & adult cups? Etsy?


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