Ombre Sprinkle Covered Heart Valentine Brownies

We’ve always loved the Ombre trend, but in our book it will never ever go out of style. This week we had a little fun playing around with creating ombre with our chunky sugar crystal sprinkles, and what better then brownies to create our favorite ombre looks. How sweet are these Ombre Sprinkle Heart Valentine Brownies? You can’t go wrong with sprinkle toppings either!

sugar crystal covered heart valentine brownies on cake stand with milkHas there ever been a more perfect Valentine’s Day dessert idea? These chunky sugar crystal sprinkles are the perfect topping to give color and depth without taking too much away from these simple heart Valentine brownies shape. You ready? You won’t believe how easy there are!

Brownie sheet cake covered with sugar crystals on white dishWe needed a great brownie recipe to start with and we knew just where to look. We’ve been drooling over Your Cup of Cake’s Homemade Brownies for quite some time now, she’s one of our favorite bloggers and we couldn’t wait to give this recipe a try. Naturally it was GREAT! The brownies baked up perfectly smooth, soft, and chocolate. All the things we were looking for in a brownie!

Of course after we had our gorgeous brownies cool, we needed to do a little decorating. We used a simple cream cheese frosting which we smoothed over with a cake spatula and chilled for 10 minutes before adding the sugar sprinkles. This helps the sprinkle sit on top and not sift down into the frosting right away.

Heart Ombre Sprinkled Brownies on white cake plate closeup shot - Heart Valentine BrowniesTo create the ombre we divided the valentine brownies sheet into four sections by drawing a light line into the buttercream with a knife. Then we laid a smooth clean piece of parchment paper (wax paper, foil, or clean paper towel will do) over the bottom three sections. It won’t stick because we chilled the frosting first. Next is to add sprinkles!

Ombre Sugar Crystals Sprinkle Pattern

After we filled the top section with our light pink sprinkles we moved the paper towel down to the next section then added our pink sprinkles making sure to overlap the two sections just a little at the top. Then we continued this process with raspberry sprinkles and red sprinkles. In the end it was a pretty cool result! You can see the the pink and raspberry blend together a lot in the photos but in person there was a clear difference. The brownies could be cut just like this, however, we thought cutting them with a heart cutter would give them the perfect Valentine’s finish! We didn’t mind the scraps for test tasting either.

How perfect would these heart valentine brownies be for class parties? A fun blue ombre from our sugar sprinkles would be so fun for those boys in your life too! Boys need some Valentine’s Day love too!

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