Mickey Mouse Party Ideas – Oh Boy!

Oh Toodles! It’s a birthday celebration! That’s right sweets squad today we’re showcasing yet another party supply combination from the shop. This time the theme is everybody’s favorite little guy – Mickey Mouse party ideas!

Mickey Mouse Party Ideas - Sprinkles, Sprinkle Mix on yellow plate and red backgroundMickey Mouse Sprinkles

Our inspired sprinkle mix, Mouse House, has been calling our name for quite some time now. It’s such a fun mix with bright yellow, red, white, and black sprinkles, and even little silhouette shaped quin sprinkles! Yes, there really are little Mickey Mouse shaped sprinkles mixed in. It just might be the most fun sprinkle mix ever. Oh boy! We also sell these quin sprinkles separate if you would like to use them for table confetti too. The Mickey Mouse party ideas really are endless!

Mickey Mouse Party Supplies collage on red backgroundMickey Mouse Party Supplies

Y’all know we are big Disney fans, as a matter of fact, we have lots of Disney inspired sprinkle mixes like Dragon Dreams, Glass Slipper, Glam Rock for Minnie, and Bad Apple, just to name a few. There was no way we could leave out our favorite. He’s a classic when it comes to birthday parties and birthday baking. So if you’re looking for Mickey Mouse party ideas, check out these items from the shop!

Red polka dot cupcake liners? Red polka dot treat cups? You know we got them! They make an adorable nod to Minnie Mouse of course. Complete the set with a few super cute treat bags and reusable dessert spoons and you have a modern character themed event. As much as this scheme is for a boy parties, you can swap out the red for a hot pink and make an epic Minnie palette. We have the colors you need for that too. 

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes on yellow plate and red backgroundMickey Mouse Cupcakes

But don’t forget the cupcakes. You know we would never share these party ideas without iconic coordinating cupcakes. These Mickey Mouse cupcakes are so easy to make, check out the tutorial to show you just how easy they are. Don’t you just love those iconic ears? They are super easy to make. We show you how in our next blog post.

We chose solid red liners for these but they could be dressed up in any of our black or yellow cupcake liners to incorporate more of the colors you are looking for! Just think of how cute these would be with solid pink liners and some of our bow candy sprinkles on top!                                      

Mickey Mouse Party Paper Straws assorted on red backgroundMickey Mouse Paper Straws

We couldn’t leave this Mickey Mouse birthday party theme post without showing you our assorted paper straws we chose for the Mickey Mouse decorations! From solid black to dot red and pinstripe yellow, the gang’s all here, ready for your drinks!

In addition to the party decorations ideas, coordinate with any other themed party supplies from your local store or other red, black, and yellow solid party supplies such as table centerpieces, party favors, and more! You could add a few more colors like blue and orange for a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party theme too. This idea is great for younger boys who love that iconic cartoon!

Mickey Mouse Party Ideas - Mickey Mouse theme party supplies and sprinkles on yellow plate and red backgroundAs a general rule, we pull together supplies that can be used in multiple parties with a few tweaks. Licensed products are super fun but we like to modernize the theme to show you really how easy it is to throw in solid colors and fun patterns to make a perfect theme without breaking the bank!

That’s all for our Mickey inspired supplies today, we’re off to dream up more Disney character parties. Who do you think will be next?


Sprinkles – Mouse House, Mickey Quins

BakeBright Cupcake Liners – Red, Red Dot

Paper Straws – Red Dot, Solid Black, Solid Red, Yellow Pinstripe,  Red Pinstripe

Goodie Bags – Yellow Stripe

Reusable Spoons – Red, Yellow, Orange

Treat Cups – Red Dot, Black, Red, Yellow Stripe

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2 responses to “Mickey Mouse Party Ideas – Oh Boy!

  1. Hello there! This is so perfect! I’ve purchased all of these supplies (thanks for the recommendations!) but would like ask about the Mickey gloves and hats…these seem smaller than the ones on disney’s website…can you please advise? Thanks!

    1. Oh how wonderful! We hope you enjoy everything! Believe it or not, they are actually Mr. Potato Head items that you can find online. Aren’t they adorable? Enjoy!

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