Mickey Mouse Cupcakes Tutorial with Ears!

We won’t even pretend not to be crazily excited to be sharing a new cupcake tutorial today. Because we are SO CRAZY EXCITED! The reason? Two words: Mickey Mouse.

Oh yeah, today’s post is inspired by the Disney king himself. Here is our Mickey Mouse cupcakes tutorial – super easy and fast!

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes on yellow plate and red backgroundEver since we first launched our Mickey inspired sprinkle mix, Mouse House, we’ve been wanting to create a few Mickey treats. These cupcakes are super easy and fast to make for your next Mickey Mouse party. We have another post going through supplies but we thought this tutorial needed it’s very own post!

Y’all this sprinkle mix has tiny little shaped sprinkles. YES MOUSE HEAD SHAPED SPRINKLES! Oh, boy! These cupcakes are modern and simple. They are sure to be the shining star of any Mickey Mouse birthday party.

Let’s take a look at just how easy they are to make.

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes Tutorial – Supplies Needed

BAKER’S TIP: To give our mouse ears a really nice matte look, we sprayed them with a can of black food coloring spray and let them dry before placing them on the buttercream. This secret tips really makes the ears pop. Those “ears” are perfection! You could use cut out fondant, regular and mini oreo cookies, and any other round chocolate cookie too.

How To Make Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes with sprinkles on red background

  1. Using a large round tip squeeze a little blob of frosting onto the center of the cupcakes. Then ice a border around it.
  2. Gently roll the edges in sprinkles.

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes with black ears and Mickey sprinkles on red background

  1. Use a large open star tip to frost a nice ruffle on top, use a piping bag to do so and then add a few more sprinkles.
  2. Last, add Mickey’s ears! The secret to these cupcakes is the black round candy melts we used as the cupcake toppers.

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes Ideas with ears and sprinkles on yellow place and red backgroundIdeas For Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

These modern cupcake ideas are seriously everything! We hope you guys are inspired to make some for your own upcoming birthday party.

You could make both mouse cupcakes by just changing out the sprinkles and cupcake liners. Mickey AND Minnie cupcake ideas y’all in one! Glam up Minnie’s ears with silver food spray paint too. The possibilities really are endless!

Which reminds us, don’t forget to check out our post with lots of other modern Mickey inspired baking and party supplies! You could just swap out the sprinkles and add some of our bow candy sprinkles and solid pink cupcake liners for the Minnie version! Not sure how many bags of sprinkles you need? Check out our conversion How Many Sprinkles Do I Need charts for cupcakes or cakes!

Mickey Mouse Party Supplies collage on red backgroundSHOP THESE MICKEY MOUSE CUPCAKES IDEAS + PARTY SUPPLIES!

Sprinkles – Mouse House, Silhouette Quins

BakeBright Cupcake Liners – Red

Paper Straws – Red Dot, Solid Black, Solid Red, Yellow Pinstripe,

Goodie Bags – Yellow Stripe

Reusable Party Spoons – Red and Yellow

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