Mermaid Sprinkles & Mix Kit – The Month of May!

#Sweetssquad we are almost to a full year of monthly sprinkle mix kits! We can’t even believe it.  This month’s sprinkle kit is full of Mermaid Sprinkles, say hello to May’s mix kit! YAY! While we still have one more sprinkle mix to launch this year before we celebrate 12 whole months of sprinkle mix kits this one is probably our favorite! We know, we know, we say we love it every month. But y’all we really really love this one you could say it’s pretty fin-tastic. Yep. We went there.

Mermaid sprinkle mix kit.

Now these images might look a little bit familiar. That’s because we shared a round up of mermaid party ideas + party supplies back in this post.

It wasn’t too long ago we launched our summer sugar crystal  sprinkle mix, Sea Glass, which you will find in the mix kit. It also features one of our best selling mermaid sprinkle mixes, Sea Splash. However, back then we were hiding that we would be launching and entire mermaid sprinkles mix kit! We’re so happy to finally share.

Mermaid sprinkle mix kit.

Don’t forget you can only grab this kit for the month of May, then it’s on to our last sprinkle mix kit in the year!

Mermaid party sprinkles.

Because we love it so much we wanted to show you a close up of our new mermaid sprinkle mix, Sea Glass. Those white sugar pearls really do make the best compliment for mermaid sprinkles, even the little ones!

Easy mermaid cupcakes with mermaid sprinkles.

Now that your flippers are full of mermaid party ideas, we will leave you with a simple shot of our light purple and purple BakeBright cupcake liners doing their stuff with our mermaid sprinkles and some pretty white gumballs. We love them so much.

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