Mermaid Sprinkles – Mermaid Sprinkle Mix Kit This May!

Look at this stuff isn’t it neat? With this mermaid sprinkle mix kit your collection’s complete! That’s right #sweetsquad we’re floating right in today to announce May’s brand new mermaid sprinkles themed mix kit, Sea Splash! Just look at those mermaid tail candy sprinkles in purple, teal, and silver! The shimmer on these and the quin sprinkles make for such a fun theme. We can’t wait to see what you make for your next party!

Mermaid Sprinkles Kit Gift Box, unlike bento boxes, this box is perfect for refilling and using again

For the month of May we’re offering an entire mermaid sprinkle mix kit inspired by our always popular ocean inspired sprinkles, Sea Splash. This new sprinkles kit is an update from last years version.  This year we were excited to be able to bring you candy sprinkle mermaid tails, anchors, and more! As always these amazing kits allow you to have a collection of your favorite sprinkles to mix and use as you would like, without having bulk amounts of sprinkles! You can find this month’s here or check out more of our single-use mermaid baking and party supplies here.

For this particular box, we decided to play on the majestic ocean inspired colors for our mermaid theme. Not only do we love the rich purple, teal, lime green, and bright pops of white, we added shimmery silver and turquoise to the mix. All of these sprinkles mixed together would make one gorgeous blend don’t you think? No surprise this is a best selling theme! We can’t wait to see what you guys do with this box!

Mermaid Sprinkle Mix Kit with mermaid tail candy sprinkles and silver anchor quin sprinkles on teal background

Stay tuned as we bring you a new sprinkle box each and every month! We are having way too much fun adding in our candy sprinkles to dress up our past themed sprinkles boxes.


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