Melted Snowman Party Ideas + Party Supplies

Hey there Sweets Squad! As many of you already know, we’ve been sharing lots of easy sweet recipes lately so we thought it was time to bring some more party inspiration to the blog once again this week.  Which works out perfectly because we haven’t introduced our newest winter sprinkle mixes on the blog yet. We have to warn you though, things are about to get frosty! Yep, today we’re featuring our newest sprinkle mix with a melted snowman party ideas round up so say hello to Warm Hugs!

melted snowman party supplies & party ideas

Melted Snowman Sprinkles Mix: Warm Hugs

We’re super excited to share with you a sprinkle mix we’ve been waiting to bring you for a long time, Warm Hugs! (After all, snowmen only come around once a year.) This sprinkle mix has everything you need to build a sprinkle snow man including snowflakes, carrot noses, wooden arm sticks, and even little sugar pearl eyes. This sprinkle mix is going to be the perfect addition to any winter snowman party. It was practically made for melted snowman hot cocoa don’t you think?

melted snowman cupcakes with sprinkles rim

Simple Melted Snowman Cupcakes!

Sprinkling it across your favorite cup of hot cocoa is a no brainer, but you know what else this sprinkle mix brings to life? Cupcakes! It literally doesn’t get any easier than this. Grab our white BakeBright cupcake liners (go ahead use that chocolate our liners will stay white!) and a little white frosting to create this snowstorm swirly look for your melted snowman party.

final melted snowman cupcakes with red chevron scarf linersHosting kids? Let the kiddos build their own snow(wo)man by adding sprinkles to their own cupcakes. If you aren’t up to making the melted snowman cupcakes as part of the themed fun, you could easily have a melted snowman cookies activity using white cookie icing, chocolate chips, our candy carrots, and some other sprinkles. Here is a full post we put together to build your own!

There is just something about a DIY activity that will make this winter party so memorable!

melted snowman party supplies collage on gray background

Melted Snowman Party Ideas & Party Supplies From The Shop

Check out just how easy it was to pull together this winter party look from the shop. Although white is always an easy winner when it comes to a snowman party we thought we would mix up this flurry with a light grey and silver pop! We started with a grey table covering and wow, the outcome was perfect! A light grey background really helps all the white pop right off the table. Which is perfect if you want to cut out lots of paper snowman parts just like we did.

The little eye black sugar pearls, carrot candy sprinkles for noses, snowflakes, and brown jimmies stick arms were a must-have and just might be the cutest thing ever at a hot cocoa bar.

melted snowman party paper straws assortment on silver background

Snowman Party Paper Straws Combination

Alright our snowy friends, it’s that time of the post where we get to share a fun new paper straw combination with you. Wouldn’t want to miss a snowman inspired mix! We thought this mix perfectly matched with our Warm Hugs sprinkle mix and would fit in with any snowman party, what do you think? Olaf and Frosty would approve, we just know it!

top view of melted snowman cupcakes and snowflake paper table confetti

Other Melted Snowman Party Ideas

In addition to party sweets, a cute snowman craft would be a great party addition. Using paper cutouts like we have on the table in the photos above, you could have the kiddos build their very own with the cutouts! Add some googly eyes and pipe cleaners and they’ll be set for an epic winter party of all time! Send some winter themed goodies along in a cute packaged favor bag for some take home fun!

plate of melted snowman cupcakes with melted snowman sprinkles on rimSHOP THESE MELTED SNOWMAN PARTY SUPPLIES!

Sprinkles – Warm Hugs, Black Sugar Pearls, Carrot Candy Sprinkles, Brown Jimmies, Snowflakes

BakeBright Greaseproof Cupcake Liners –  Solid White

Goodie Bags – Silver Dot

Paper Straws –  Orange Dot, Solid Black, Silver Rugby, Solid White, Silver Foil, Brown Stripe

Reusable Spoons – White

melted snowman sprinkles in white dish with paper cutout winter confettiLove these Snowman Party Ideas? Check out more of our ideas!

melted snowman party supplies & ideas collage

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