Mardi Gras Party Ideas & Party Supplies

Being a Lousiana based shop, Mardi Gras love runs deep in our veins! We can’t help but feel lucky to have all of these parades and celebrations with that famous Louisiana flare take place right in our back yard. With the holiday coming soon, we thought it was time to get a little more Mardi Gras party ideas and inspiration on the blog. Tell us, who is coming to New Orleans and watching parades from Bourbon Street this year?

Mardi Gras Party Supplies - Mardi Gras Party Ideas - Cupcakes, Sprinkles on yellow background

Mardi Gras Party Supplies

Earlier this week we shared some King Cake cupcakes so be sure to check out those here as well! Today we’ll take a peek at a few more of our Mardi Gras baking & party supplies we know you will love by bringing out all the purple, green, and gold! 

Mardi Gras Cupcakes on bed of purple sugar pearls on yellow background

Mardi Gras Cupcakes

For the start of our Mardi Gras party ideas, we started with the cupcake liners of course! For these festive treats, we used our yellow polka dot, solid purple, purple stripe, and green stripe. There’s no color fade with our BakeBright cupcake liners so you can be confident those colors will shine bright!  It’s only natural to serve the cupcakes on a little bed of our sugar pearls. They make the perfect edible beads of course. Certainly cupcakes are always the base for our party ideas foundation!

Mardi Gras Sprinkles in ice cream cups on yellow background

Mardi Gras Sprinkles

When you’re stocking up on supplies, you’re going to need some sprinkles of course! You can keep things modern and bright with our Mardi Gras sprinkles King Cake or Royal Court. But of course, we have a wide selection of solid colored as well if you’re looking for the traditional. As long as your king cake has lots of sprinkles that’s what counts! Our King Cake sprinkles mix is the perfect one for your treats though, no wonder it’s a best seller!

Mardi Gras Paper Straws assorted on yellow background

Mardi Gras Paper Straws

When it comes to drinks we wouldn’t even think of serving beverages without a trendy mix of festive paper straws. Above we mixed two shades of purple, two shades of green, yellow, and gold. You’ll find each of the straw links in the shop section below.

Mardi Gras Party Ideas - Mardi Gras Party Supplies collage on yellow background

That’s it for our Mardi Gras party ideas. We hope we have all of your dreaming of tons of Mardi Gras fun! You can easily check out lots of our Mardi Gras party supplies in the shop here, and don’t forget to tag us in your creative posts.

There is place in town anywhere along the interstate from New Orleans to Baton Rouge where we are that you won’t find Mardi Gras decorations ready to buy. We are no stranger to a festive party, especially one that we get off a whole week of school for! Our fave thing to do in off time is have a crawfish boil, catch beads at the local parades, and celebrate Mardi Gras with all of our friends!


Sprinkles – Royal Court, King Cake, Gold Pearls, Yellow Sugar Crystals, Green Sugar Crystals, Purple Sugar Crystals,   Purple Sugar Pearls

BakeBright Cupcake Liners – Yellow Dot, Solid Purple, Green Stripe

Paper Straws – Gold Foil, Green Foil, Yellow Pinstripe, Light Purple Stripe, Purple Stripe, Green Rugby

Goodie Bags –  Lime Stripe

Reusable Party Spoons –  Purple, Yellow, Lime

Treat Cups – Green Stripe, Yellow, Purple

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