Make Your Own Custom Sprinkles Mix

Even with over 200 different sprinkles in our shop, sometimes customers still need custom sprinkles for their event. Whether it’s just different colors of jimmies sprinkles to roll your cake in or if you are looking for the crunch of a sugar crystals mix only – we have you covered! Mixing sprinkles is so addictive though, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Custom sprinkles and classic sprinkles

Our custom sprinkles listing is one of our most viewed and purchased product listings so, we thought it appropriate to go through a few tips that we use when mixing our own for the shop. With over 100 classic sprinkles in our shop, lots of our customers love mixing and matching their own for a truly unique custom sprinkles mix. Some of our bakery customers even buy our sprinkle mixes in bulk and add other classic sprinkles to them to match their theme or bakery branding. You can choose which method works for you.

Whether we are making the sprinkle mixes for you, or you are buying our classic sprinkles individually and making them yourselves, here are a few ways to make the sprinkle mix you are looking for!

Custom Sprinkles Tips

We always start with at least 4 different sprinkle shapes and sizes with at least 3 or 4 different colors depending on the party theme we are trying to match to. Our ever trustworthy basics are jimmies sprinkles, sugar pearls, nonpareils, sugar crystals, and confetti quin sprinkles that match the party theme you are making sprinkles for. As a personal preference, we like to add a higher proportion of jimmies compared to any others except maybe the quins depending on the theme. From there, we fill in the colors in the ratios that reflect the theme. Below, we walk you through the steps to making this gorgeous rainbow sprinkles mix.

Learn how to make custom sprinkles using classic sprinkles - jimmies, nonpareils, sugar pearls, sugar crystals and more!

Sprinkle Mix Magic

We had a bulk cake sprinkles order for a rainbow party theme with chocolate accents this week. For this custom sprinkles mix, we chose a Rainbow Jimmies base with Chocolate Jimmies accents, equal amounts of Rainbow Sugar Crystals and Rainbow Nonpareil sprinkles, a variety of our Sugar Pearls in regular and mini size, as well as our Pastel Confetti Sprinkles and Chocolate and White Chocolate Crispy Sprinkles in regular and mini size that we use exclusively for custom mixes. Surprise! We have other secret sprinkles exclusively for mixes that we don’t offer for sale. Can’t give (or sell!) all of our secrets right?

Custom Sprinkles Mix in large white bowl

We start with our higher ratio Jimmies Sprinkles base and add the Chocolate Jimmies until we think the color is enough that it’s the perfect compliment without overpowering the Jimmies. Next, we add our rainbow sugar crystals, rainbow nonpareil sprinkles and sugar pearls. We give it a little mix to make sure they show well before adding the crispy sprinkles. This is the step that we add any additional colors as needed to get the perfect color palette. Lastly, we added a large amount of Confetti Sprinkles and the Crispies to the mix to give our sprinkles the perfect amount of depth. You guys, this mix was so fun to make and we are over the moon excited to see it in action. These colors are everything!

Custom Sprinkles Mix using rainbow jimmies, sugar pearls and lots of other classic sprinkles - Sprinkles Mixes are our favorite!

That last thing we do from here is bag these beautiful mixes up. We have our bulk sprinkles bags that we ship out but we usually have a little left over. This is where we bag them up in 4 ounce retail quantities and add them to our Grab Bag inventory. At a discounted price, you guys can take advantage of all of our special custom sprinkles too!

Sweets & Treats Custom Sprinkles Mix - Rainbow Sprinkle Mix

Word To The Wise

A few things we learned along the way really doesn’t have anything to do with what types of sprinkles you include in the sprinkle mix but more with how you prepare the mixes. Be ready for all the static if you aren’t prepared. Those little nonpareil sprinkles want to stick on everything! If you are making a small batch of custom sprinkles, it shouldn’t be an issue but when you make 25 lb cases at a time, you need all the help you can get. Stainless steel measuring cups are your friend. So are restaurant quality mixing bowls. Sprinkles get everywhere too, so be ready to vacuum all.the.time!

With sprinkle mixes using just one type of sprinkle, you won’t have to worry as much about the texture and dimension of your mix, just the color ratios. Our sugar crystals mixes are our favorite because it’s just about the color. Have fun trying out different things from all the crunch to just jimmies and nonpareils – you’ll have a blast exploring your favorite sprinkle mix types!

We hope this post helps you prepare for your upcoming party with your very own custom sprinkles. If you want to try your hand at making your own sprinkle mixes, check out our extensive classic sprinkles offering. Tag us and show us what you made! We love seeing all the creativity you guys come up with!

For full details on the types of sprinkles we carry in our sprinkle shop, check out our sprinkles post.

Custom sprinkles mix tips and tricks from Sweets & Treats

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