Lumberjack Sprinkle Pancakes In a Jar

We all love sprinkle pancakes, but what about give our favorite breakfast out as a gift idea too? Get in the Christmas spirit with this easy gift idea – Lumberjack Sprinkle Pancakes in a Jar!

It’s December already, and we’re willing to bet you are already in the swing of the Christmas hustle. There is cookies to be baked, gifts to be wrapped, and stockings to be hung! But what about the neighbors, teachers,  and those awesome co-workers? It’s safe to say most of us want to reach out extend a small token gift to say “Merry Christmas” each year. After all they do play a big role is our daily lives, but the reoccurring struggle for many is how to manage all of those people without robbing the Christmas piggy bank. If that’s you this year, we have a solution.  Lumberjack Sprinkle Pancakes In a Jar – easy Christmas gift idea!

lumberjack pancakes on white place with pancake mix in jar as gift idea

Ok we got little excited, it doesn’t have to be Lumber Jack themed practically any of our sprinkle mixes would do (here’s to looking at you Merry & Bright). We just really love the cheesy theme of our Lumber Jack Sprinkle Mix paired with the pancakes. Nothing goes better with Lumber Jacks then pancakes. Except maybe beards and axes but that’s beside the point. Let’s get back to those pancake jars!

Lumberjack sprinkles topped pancake stack on wood plate

These are our favorite gifts because they are so incredibly easy, totally versatile, and really inexpensive. Plus did we mention for a few bucks you’d be taking care of Christmas breakfast for an entire family? Ya’ll if that’s not a win win I don’t really know what is.

How To Make Lumberjack Sprinkle Pancakes Recipe Gift

To make these jars you can use any “just add water” pancakes mix and any size jar. You can adjust the amount of mix for the family size. We used 1/3 cup of our Lumber Jack sprinkle mix per 2 cups of dry batter, but you can adjust the amounts to however you see fit. If you are feeling extra creative why not add chocolate chips or even peppermint chips! So yummy.

Sprinkle pancakes gift jar closeup with pancakes, syrup, and sprinkles in the background

Want to turn the gift into a super awesome deluxe version? Add a decorative bottle of syrup, disposable red plates, forks, and buffalo check napkins all in a basket for the ultimate Lumber Jack Christmas feast! This idea can be changed to fit any theme. Add character sprinkles to your Sprinkle Pancakes In a Jar idea to match birthday parties or even just for a pjs and pancakes birthday party theme!

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