Ice Cream Party Ideas + Ice Cream Party Supplies

Ice cream, ice cream, we ALL love ice cream! We bring you some super fun, ice cream party ideas using one of our favorite, classic sprinkle mixes!

Ice cream parties are awesome, like really awesome.  I mean have you ever been invited to an ice cream party and said awe, no thanks. I don’t think so. Which is exactly why we knew that an ice cream party absolutely had to be the theme for one of our Sweetscapes, and with the temps rising outside we knew this was the month! But ice cream alone wasn’t enough, we wanted to create a Neapolitan Ice Cream Party!

Ice Cream Party Ideas - 6 place tablescape with ice cream cone cupcake cake and Neapolitan sprinkles on light pink background

Eek! We can hardly handle the sweet cuteness. Ice cream, cupcakes, sprinkles, cherries, and balloons oh my! Let’s dig right in to these sweet ice cream party ideas…

Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Cake on light pink background with sprinkles table confettiAs you probably already know we kind of love cupcakes. With that said we love to find new ways to showcase cupcakes at each of our Sweetscapes. For this ice cream party we made the cutest ice cream cone design with cupcakes. This sweet cupcake cake design is so easy anybody could do it! Our favorite part of it is that each cupcake is a standalone so you don’t have to worry about icing, smoothing, and shaping it perfectly. It’s truly a perfect pull apart cupcake cake!

Neapolitan Ice Cream Party Ideas - Neapolitan colored sprinkles with ice cream party supplies on light pink background

On the cupcakes we added a little bit of our sprinkle mix Nea Polly which of course was inspired by Neapolitan ice cream. We told you we loved ice cream!

Neapolitan ice cream in ice cream cup with reusable ice cream spoons and Neapolitan sprinkles on pink background

In the center of the table we put some of our ice cream cups filled with toppings so each guest could add their own to their ice cream. Making any party interactive is always a bonus!

Neapolitan ice cream party supplies on pink background

One of our favorite parts of this party are the cupcake liners! This unique combo of gold, brown, and pink is just so unique and cute and a perfect match to our Neapolitan theme! Now you see why we had so much fun putting these ice cream party ideas together!

Neapolitan colored ice cream party assorted paper straws on light pink background

Even the paper straw combo just scream Neapolitan! There’s just something about these sweet, classic colors mixed with just a hint of bright pink mixed in. How cute would this party theme be for a sweet little girl baby shower too?


BakeBright Cupcake Liners – Pink Stripe, Gold, Brown

Sprinkles – Nea Polly

Paper Straws – Pink Pin Stripe, Light Pink Rugby, Solid Pink, Brown Stripe,  Pink Rugby

Goodie Bags – Pink Stripe

Treat Cups – Pink Stripe

Reusable Spoons – White


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