I Chews You – Valentine’s Day Party Ideas Sweetscape

It’s been a little bit since we’ve shared a Sweetscape with y’all. We’re excited to be back with one today that’s really going to make your heart POP! We’ve gathered up all things bubble gum to create I Chews You – Bubble Gum Valentine’s Day Party Ideas!

This simple party theme is so classic, adorable, and perfect for a Valentine’s playdate. If there’s anything we know kids love..it’s sprinkles, cupcakes, and bubble gum! This party has them all!

Bubble gum inspired party table setup - 6 place setting - Valentine's Day Party Ideas

The best part, as always, is how truly simple it is to pull together. We started with a red backdrop to play off the classic red gumball machine. Which of course we had to place a few little gum ball machines on the table, it wouldn’t have been right without them! To compliment of course we added gum balls around the table to create simple decor. For our Sweets & Treats products, we played off the rainbow colors you think of when you think of gum balls! We picked lots of colored goodie bags, straws, and of course rainbow sprinkles! Even though this is put together for a Valentine’s Day Party, it would be such a fun bubble gum themed birthday party theme too!

rainbow paper straws assortment on red background

Speaking of straws. One of our favorite drinks to serve at parties is this pink Sobe! Anytime pink is involved we find a way to sneak it in. It’s so yummy and bring so much to the table! In this party we found a few cute plastic bottles and tied our straws right to the bottle with the yummy pink drink inside.

Bubble gum cupcakes and 25 cent quarter cookies on red background - Valentine's Day Party Ideas

Naturally we needed some bubble gum cupcakes. For these we paired our light pink BakeBright cupcake liners with a simple white cake topped with a pink buttercream with a little bubble gum flavoring mixed in. For the decor we added our fav Rainbow Bright sprinkle mix and little pink balloons to top the cupcakes! They were so simple and quick but had such an adorable effect. Of course, we can’t even stand the cuteness of these coin cookies. These were just too adorable, and incredibly quick. All you need to make these is any round cookie, a little grey fondant, a circle cutter close in size to the cookie, and a 2 & 5 number cutter! Just roll out the fondant, cut it into circles, and press onto cookies. To finish gently impress a 25 on to the top and ta-da! You’re all set.

gumball style board with rainbow party supplies on red background


Bake Bright Cupcake Liners – Solid Light Pink

Sprinkles – Rainbow Bright

Paper Straws – Yellow Dot, Orange Dot, Red Dot, Pink Rugby Stripe, Blue Rugby Stripe, Green Stripe, Purple Stripe

Goodie Bags – Yellow Stripe, Pink Stripe, Orange Polka Dot, Purple Polka Dot, Green Dot

Treat Cups – Red

Spoons – Lime, Light Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Blue


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