Fairy Bread – What It Is and How To Make It

For that super last minute party, this go-to Fairy Bread Recipe is a perfect combination of basic bread, butter, and sprinkles that will make a child smile.  Kids party ideas are available in abundance, but sometimes we just need a simple option for a last minute idea.  This recipe is just that option!

Sometimes the best treats truly do come in simple packages.  This common party treat in Australia has now become a hit with kids of all ages worldwide. Seriously though, a slice of bread covered with sprinkles, what is there NOT to love?

cut and uncut sprinkle topped fairy bread on pink backgroundWhat is Fairy Bread?

You may have heard of this term and been unsure what recipe or food it is referring to or if it is an actual food.  There are many variations out there, and just as many variations of the origin story.  Most commonly, it is a treat made for a kids party in Australia. 

This most likely stemmed from a parent who had little to no money for fancy cakes or party supplies, so came up with a simple way to make a treat affordable but perfect for celebrations.  Using bread, butter, and hundreds and thousands (nonpareils) rainbow sprinkles, a unique and cute idea was created.

stacks of fairy bread for a partyWhen to Make Fairy Bread

This isn’t something to eat every day or at every party unless of course you want to!  It is however, a perfect option for last minute treats, or for a party focused on the whimsical. It may be the ideal treat at a last minute kids party, or perhaps a special after school snack.  Most commonly though, you will see it with a fairy or fantasy themed party like some of the ones listed below.

Some kids party ideas where fairy bread is a perfect addition:

Besides birthday parties, this is also a great idea for a movie night with the kids!  A simple and fun treat that they can make for themselves, or you make with them is always great when spending time together as a family. Our DIY sprinkle mix kit would be the perfect accompaniment to this fun activity. Your kiddos can make any mix they want for their bread. This no bake, safe, easy, party treat is the perfect activity for any event!

Colorful nonpareil sprinkles and bread and butter to make Fairy Bread.How to Make Fairy Bread

If you are looking for an easy treat for a party, look no further.  It is truly the simplest treat idea I have ever found.  You only need 3 ingredients: bread, butter, and nonpareil sprinkles

This is best made with inexpensive basic white bread.  Spread the bread with butter, then sprinkle on your choice of colored sugars, rainbow jimmies, or any other fun mix of sprinkles. 

If you like to go with unique ideas, check out our Fairy Tails Unicorn Sprinkle Mix Kit, or our tutorial on How to Make Custom Sprinkles.  You can easily mix and match various sprinkles and candy pieces to build the mix that fits your party the best. 

cut fairy bread topped with nonpareil sprinkles on pink backgroundCan I Make this in Advance of a Kids Party?

While it can be made in advance, you want to make sure it is stored properly to avoid the butter melting or the bread getting stale or moldy.  This is one treat recipe where I would recommend making the day of your party which shouldn’t take much time since it is so simple to create.

Another easy option is to butter the bread in advance, and simple add sprinkles right before party time.

Plate of nonpareil sprinkles used for traditional fairy bread recipesCan I Make this Gluten Free or Dairy Free?

Yes!  Choose your favorite gluten free or dairy free bread, and use a verified vegan margarine spread instead of butter.  You can even purchase vegan sprinkles from us that will guarantee you aren’t contaminating the fairy bread with something that isn’t on your dietary list.

More Unique Kids Party Ideas

There are so many amazing ideas out there for creating a themed party for your children.  It doesn’t have to take a lot of extra work to make their special day one they will cherish forever.  Whether you are throwing an Emoji Party, a Galaxy Party, or that all-important Pink and Gold Princess Party – the important part is the love and thought you put into the event.

Fairy bread, a classic and simple Australian snack that kids love

Yield: 32 Pieces

Traditional Fairy Bread Recipe

Traditional Fairy Bread Recipe
Our traditionalfairy bread recipe is one of the easiest sprinkle treats ideas you will evermake. All you need is three ingredients to make Fairy Bread for your kidsparty. A classic and simple Australian snack that kids love with tons of rainbow nonpareil sprinkles or hundreds and thousands as they are known across theglobe. Dress up with your color scheme for a truly unique party!

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 8 slices white bread
  • Butter, softened
  • Rainbow Nonpareil Sprinkles or Rainbow Sugar Crystals


  1. Spread butter on each slice
  2. Cover with any color combination of nonpareil sprinkles and gently pat down
  3. Cut each slice of bread in half or triangles
  4. Serve immediately

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