How to Fill Cupcake Liners Evenly For Perfect Cupcakes

Did you know that it is super easy to bake perfect cupcakes by filling cupcake liners evenly? When cupcake liners are filled consistently, you actually get a cupcake that is baked evenly and perfectly domed, ready for decorating. Learn how to fill cupcake liners evenly and change your baking process for the better.

The finished cupcakes show that filling cupcake liners properly pays off, these cupcakes are nice and uniform and perfectly domed.Why Do You Want Evenly Baked Cupcakes?

Baking cupcakes can sometimes be frustrating because when you pull them out, they are lopsided and don’t look like your favorite baker’s do. Having evenly baked cupcakes means that you can have a consistent look and don’t have to compensate by covering with extra icing.

It also means that you can ice those cupcakes without having really large cupcakes and really small cupcakes that look inconsistent when grouped together. We personally think that evenly baked cupcakes are the best thing ever when you are throwing a party especially a DIY cupcake bar. Hello, even your cupcakes want to look good naked!

Learn how to bake cupcakes that look just like your local bakery but for a portion of the price!

Here we see all the things we will need to learn how to fill cupcake liners!How to Fill Cupcake Liners Evenly

Are you trying so hard to make sure your cupcakes come out awesome? It may not seem like a requirement at first, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier and easier every time and you’ll wonder why you ever did it differently. There are lots of products on the market that are for doing this very thing, but you probably already have everything you need at home already! No reason to spend extra money and spend way more time cleaning up.

In this photo we see that filing cupcake liners goes so much smoother if you keep your scoop clean!Cookie Scoops Are Key

You will want to take a cookie scoop (or ice cream scoop) and fill it with the batter. Once the cookie scoop is full of batter, you will want to take a rubber spatula and get all the excess better off using the flat side. This gives you consistent results each and every time. No more measuring cup messiness to fill each cup!

Consistent Amount Of Batter

Assuming that you have the baking pan already lined with cupcake liners, you are ready for this next part of how to fill cupcake liners. Take the cookie scoop and release the batter into the cupcake liner. We prefer cookie scoops because they have the scraper inside to maximize batter release. If using a medium scoop, you may need to put two scoops of batter into each paper liner. Using a larger cookie scoop will cut your time in half with one scoop per liner. 

Consistent amount of cupcake batter in each cupcake liner.Perfect Cupcakes Every Time

Enjoy watching your cupcakes bake perfectly! It’s amazing how much easier it is to ice cupcakes whenever you have an even cupcake. Whether you prefer a perfect dome or flat top for icing, this method works every time.

Image of the answer to how much do you fill cupcake liners! A full pan of full cupcake liners ready for the oven with the same amount of batter.How Much Do You Fill Cupcake Liners

No one is perfect with filling cupcake liners, but it is good to have an idea of how much you should fill them. Cupcake liners should never be completely filled to the top. If you fill them to the top, then the cupcake itself is going to overflow and cause a mess.

We recommend filling our baking cups 2/3 full to allow room for your cupcakes to rise. Since our liners are a little taller than standard size, that comes to about 3 or 4 tablespoons of batter. The amount you can fill depends on the brand of cupcake papers you use. Fill the cupcake liners up just right, so that you are not dealing with lopsided or wobbly cupcakes. You can put more batter to have the cupcake rise over the top of the liner too but it’s trial and error depending on your recipe and your liner brand. Different cupcake batters rise differently.

A top down view of the finished pan of perfect cupcakes. Learning how to fill cupcake liners properly really paid off!How to Bake Cupcakes Perfectly

Now that you know how to fill cupcakes, you may be wondering the most basic way of cooking them. Here are a few tips for perfect cupcakes.

Always Follow Directions

Cupcake recipes are not all created equal. When baking cupcakes, you should always follow the directions for the recipe you are creating. This ensures consistent results every time. There’s nothing worse than changing too many variables and not knowing what worked and what didn’t.

Always Preheat Your Oven

Let’s talk about preheating your oven fully before baking. The baking time for the recipe assumes a fully heated oven so the cupcakes will come out completely baked.

A final image showing the finished cupcakes on a cooling rack. Filling cupcake liners was easy and fun!Perfect Cupcake Dome

For a more rounded dome, preheat your oven to 350 and reduce to 325 when putting your cupcake pan in the oven. Then, bake an additional 2-3 minutes. Having the temperature higher at first allows for a faster rising cupcake that keeps the dome high while the temperature lowers and bakes the center of the cupcake perfectly. This tip is only for standard sized cupcakes, mini cupcakes will have different temperatures and baking time requirements. If you prefer a flatter top, follow the recipe according to the original instructions. Once the cupcakes come out of the oven, they tend to flatten out as they cool.

Now that you know how to fill cupcake liners, hopefully, these tips will work great and help you bake perfect cupcakes. What tricks do you have for baking perfect cupcakes?

Here you see an up close shot of the finished cupcake. When you learn how to bake cupcakes and the answer to how much do you fill cupcake liners they come out perfectly.Cupcake Presentation Matters

We love baking cupcakes and all of these tips are great, but how could we end this without talking about the actual cupcake liners? We are partial, but we really do believe in the quality of the baking cup around them. Learn about our BakeBright greaseproof cupcake liners and why they are the best!

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