How Many Sprinkles Do I Need To Cover Sprinkle Cupcakes?

How many times have you started baking cupcakes only to realize you didn’t know exactly how much sprinkles you would need to cover your cupcakes?  Today we’re back with part 2 of our sister series about covering your sweets with sprinkles to answer Covering sprinkle cupcakes, how many sprinkles do I need?  So, just how much sprinkles do you need to cover cupcakes? Check out our charts and how to below!

We had such a great response from you guys letting us know that you almost bought too much from other sprinkle shops until you saw our post so we just knew we had to do a new post adapted to our favorite dessert! Weight, volume, and different size bags or bottles can just be too much to decide. We’ve make it easy to pick your number per batch baked and your coverage to get your started! So easy. If you are making a sprinkle cake, check out the sister post answering the same question but for covering cakes instead.

When we saw this question wasn’t answered anywhere on the internet, we just had to be the first. No matter where you are getting yours from, we are glad we can help you figure out just how much you need! Enjoy!

Covered cupcakes with sprinkles - different types of coverage for sprinkle cupcakes

How Many Sprinkles Do I Need For Cupcakes?

We know that when ordering sprinkles from the shop it can be hard to decide exactly how much you’ll need for your desserts. Especially with over 200 sprinkle varieties in the shop and sizes from 4oz to 25lb bulk boxes (Yes, that’s what dreams are made of!). We know it can leave you scratching your head and just not sure where to start!  When it comes to covering cupcakes with sprinkles, we want to help you navigate just how much you’ll need so you won’t have too much extra, or worse not enough! Speaking of sprinkle mixes, how cute is our Birthday Cake sprinkle mix featured in this post! It’s one of our favorites for sure and yours too!

Birthday cake sprinkles in white dish for dipping cupcakes

The Type of Sprinkles Matters

Just like in our sprinkle cake post, we want to point out that sprinkle types do matter when if comes to covering sprinkle cupcakes. Our sprinkle bags contain 4 ounces of sprinkles which is roughly 1/2 cup. Sprinkles with a heavier density like nonpareils and sugar crystals take up way less room so you will need to err on the higher side for full coverage. These two types of sprinkles are much closer once you cover with them and take up less surface area. This really all just boils down to what look you are going for. Jimmies and quin sprinkles are bigger and cover way more but may leave a little buttercream popping through. It’s a look we love but you may not. The picture below shows this well and shows the different sprinkle coverage options side by side. We’d love to hear your favorite! We are partial to the side dip and classic swirl frosting method but there’s always a special place in our heart for full coverage because, hello color!

Frosted sprinkle cupcakes with sprinkle dish for covering cupcakes with sprinkles - how many sprinkles do i need to cover cupcakes?

How Many Sprinkles Do I Need To Cover Cupcakes?

Using the same strategy in our sprinkle cake post we’ve laid out how many sprinkles you will need to cover sprinkle cupcakes based on the amount of coverage for a dozen. You will easily be able to multiply these numbers to get a close estimate of how many sprinkles you will need no matter how many you are baking. And because we love a good visualization, we have a few images to demonstrate the amounts we have charted below. Easy as…well a cupcake! After all, how many sprinkles you need depends on how you decorate your cupcakes so we used our three favorite methods for the test!

Full coverage dipped sprinkle cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles on top

Full Sprinkle Covered Cupcakes 

12 Cupcakes – 4oz = 1 bags

24 Cupcakes – 8oz = 2 bags

36 Cupcakes – 12oz = 3 bags

That’s right, when you’re covering cupcakes with sprinkles, and we mean covering,  for 12 cupcakes you will need one bag of our sprinkles, how easy!

Swirl sprinkle cupcakes rolled in birthday cake sprinkles

Sprinkle Trimmed  Cupcakes 

12 Cupcakes – 2.5oz = 1 bags

24 Cupcakes – 5oz = 2 bags

36 Cupcakes – 7.5oz = 2 bags

We love the look of sprinkle trimmed cupcakes! So simple to do yet they look so neat! Take note on just how many sprinkles you’ll need to cover your cupcake tower just like this. This is a super trendy, modern coverage seen a lots of kids parties.

Side dipped swirl sprinkle cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles

Classic Sprinkle Cupcakes 

12 Cupcakes – 2.5oz = 1 bags

24 Cupcakes – 5oz = 2 bags

36 Cupcakes – 7.5oz = 2 bags

Although this swirl look is currently super trendy, we would consider this a standard sprinkle-to-frosting ratio! So if you’re going for a more traditional sprinkle coverage, this one is for you! This is such an elegant look, super popular for wedding cupcake towers. This is our favorite cupcake frosting technique and the one we use most often. It adds a pop of color to your cupcakes table but keeps the elegant frosting swirls for any celebration.

covering cupcakes with sprinkles - how much do i need?

We’re always so impressed how far a single bag of sprinkles can go. What about you? Now that you are a cupcake/sprinkle pro, be sure to check out the sprinkle selection and the cupcake liner selection of our site where you’ll be sure to find all the sprinkles you need, and so much more! You may also want to head on over and check our Sprinkle Covered Cake post if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet so you won’t ever have to guess when sprinkle shopping again. Check out our Buttercream Frosting Recipe for the perfect icing for your gorgeous sweets!

So, now when someone asks you How Many Sprinkles Do I Need For Cupcakes, you know the answer! 

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