Homemade Trail Mix Recipe [with Sprinkles!]

Making a homemade trail mix recipe is one of our favorite things to do as a family. It’s so versatile for road trips, movie nights, park picnics, and party favors! Make your own trail mix with these fun trail mix ingredients below. Get the party started!

Homemade Trail Mix Recipes with SprinklesMake Your Own Trail Mix

This snack is one of our favorite go tos for sure but man do they get expensive! Prepping these snacks ahead of time always pays off, literally. We opt instead to buy the separate trail mix ingredients in bulk quantities from our local grocery store and make them ourselves. This way, each member of our family can get the flavors they want without taking time to pick out (and waste) the ingredients they don’t like. Win all around!

Homemade Trail Mix Recipe - Kids Trail Mix for Party IdeasHomemade Trail Mix Recipe Ingredients

Here are our usual mix ins that we like to put out to choose from:


We love pretzels of all shapes and sizes so we chose a few to mix. We especially love the mini traditional pretzel shapes and the pretzel sticks. Pretzels are the perfect crunch to your mix!


There are so many options for this category such as chocolate candies like M&Ms, skittles, peanut butter candies like Reese’s Pieces, and even those mini candies you see staring you down at the checkout line. Just take a quick trip down your candy aisle for some fun ideas.

Chocolate Chips

If you are like us, you have at least a dozen bags of different chips – semi sweet and milk chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, andes mints, etc. These are the perfect size for your trail mix recipe for sure.


Because this is our favorite part of any snack and dessert – hello, we are sprinkles obsessed! – we just had to work in some of our favorite crunchy sprinkles. Not a fan of tiny sprinkles in such a textured and large ingredient mix, we opted for some of our crunchiest quin sprinkles. Needless to say this was a favorite for our kids trail mix ingredients for sure. Our sugar pearls and hard candies would be great add in too. They are pretty hard so this may not be a good option for younger children.


So many options here! We loved cashews, peanuts – both plain and honey roasted – as well as almonds for sure. Don’t forget about pecans, walnuts, macadamia, and chestnuts either.


You think raisins are just raisins? Nope. We keep regular raisins stocked but we also love adding in yogurt raisins too. It give it a fun mix of color and a delicious creamy flavor too.

Dried Fruits

We LOVE coconut, cranberries, and dried fruit as part of our Make Your Own Trail Mix bar too. This kind of sounds like it could moonlight as an ice cream party plan too, no?

This is by no means an exhaustive homemade trail mix recipe ingredients list. Take a pass down your snack aisle to check out the different candies, nuts, fruits, and baking ingredients for trail mix ingredient ideas. Seriously, you just can’t go wrong with any of these add ins.

Homemade Trail Mix Recipe - Make Your Own Trail Mix

Kids Trail Mix Ideas [Party Favors!]

This diy trail mix recipe idea is such a fun kids party idea too! We put each ingredient in little ramekin type dishes on a platter for each kid and let them mix and match their favorites.Β  Some wanted nuts, some didn’t. Some liked raisins, some didn’t. When they are done, let them bottle them up in little containers to take home as party ideas. How fun would that be for a camping birthday party? Love all of these homemade trail mix recipe ideas!

How To Make Trail Mix - Kids Trail Mix

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