Hocus Pocus Pink Halloween Party Ideas – Glam Halloween

Move over black, white, and orange there is a new Halloween color in town PINK! While it’s fun to play it classic sometimes, we really love it when there’s a whole new twist on traditional. These Pink Halloween Party Ideas are going to have you ready to start glamming up Halloween right away! This time it’s adding pink to our favorite spooky Holiday which is why this year we released Hocus Pocus Sprinkle mix one of our many Halloween sprinkle mixes. To help you guys stay on trend and ready to get down with a little Pink-O-Ween we’ve gathered up some Sweets & Treats combos you’re going to love. You’ll be having the ghouls over in no time.

Hocus Pocus Halloween Sprinkle Mix on black striped plate on pink background

Pink Halloween Party Sprinkles

Isn’t this the most fun?! We just love it, the light and dark shades of orange pair so perfectly with the light and dark shades of our pink sprinkles. And of course there are pops of black, white, and just a little bit of silver for good measure. Never thought we would say this, but spiders and pink go together to make the perfect spooky pair. But we couldn’t stop there, how about a Hocus Pocus Pink Halloween Party Ideas style board to get those creative juices flowing?

Hocus Pocus Pink Halloween Party Ideas - Pink Halloween Party Supplies on pink background

Glam Halloween Party Supplies

Spiders, sprinkles, and goodies oh my! We have just about everything you’ll need to throw your own Hocus Pocus soiree and really make it magical! From the spoons to the goodie bags this theme is just so darn cute. You’ll find all the links to shop this look below.

Glamoween Halloween Party Paper Straws in assorted patterns on pink background

Hocus Pocus Halloween Party Paper Straws

Of course you never plan a party without the cutest of paper straws, and with over 100 prints, colors, and patterns – we’ve got those covered too! This was really the perfect time for us to bust out our striped paper straws, they were made for a Hocus Pocus themed event! Ok, maybe this pink halloween party ideas post is just too easy. We LOVE pink!

Pink Glam Halloween Party Cupcakes on Hocus Pocus sprinkle mix on orange background

Pink Halloween Party Cupcakes

But don’t worry, we wouldn’t leave you without a little treat inspiration. How about a ruffle topped cupcake dressed in a Black BakeBright greaseproof cupcake liner and covered in Hocus Pocus sprinkle mix?

Pink Halloween Swirl Cookies with Hocus Pocus Halloween Sprinkles on pink background

Glam Halloween Swirl Cookies

And to wrap things up, how about these crazy fun Swirly cookies our team member Toni of The Sprinkle Factory baked up to match? You can find them on her site here. And don’t forget we’ve got more fun here and here!

Hocus Pocus Halloween Party Favors

Dress up the party with some fun glamoween makeup and pass out candy to those kids trick or treating in your area! Nothing like some other fun party favors to dress up your event like some pink candy corn, glam jack o lantern, and other fun Halloween decorations to send your friends home with. Whether it’s a stay at home Party or a Glamoween for the gals, our Hocus Pocus Halloween Party is such a fun idea!


Sprinkles – Hocus Pocus Sprinkle Mix, Black Pearls, Orange Pearls, Silver Pearls, Pink Pearls, Black Nonpareils

BakeBright Greaseproof Cupcake Liners – Black, Black Stripe, Orange, Pink

Paper Straws – Solid Black, Black Pinstripe, Silver Stars, Pink/Orange

Reusable Spoons – Orange, Pink

Treat Cups – Pink, White

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