Kids Halloween Party Ideas – Frankensprinkle Sweetscape Instaparty

Kids Halloween Sweetscape take two, Introducing Frankensprinkle! That’s right the perfect combination of Frankenstein and sprinkles, an obvious pair really. What’s a Frankensprinkle you ask? It’s where you use sprinkles to build your own Frankenstein of course! This Sweetscape is the perfect Kids Halloween Party Ideas post!

Drinks? Check. DIY activity? Check. Sweets? Um, hello, check! This setup is so versatile, it could be a cookie decorating, cake baking, slime making theme in an instant with just a few changes. We try to design all of our parties to be as easy to tweak to your wishes as they can be. We can’t wait to see what ideas you use and make your own! Even adding a new pop of color would take it to a whole different partying level!

Frankenstein Kids Halloween Party Ideas

Frankenstein Kids Halloween Party Ideas - Party Table on lime green background

Frankenstein Kids Halloween Party Table

We didn’t even have to think about a color scheme for this setup. Green, black and purple were the obvious, yet totally gorgeous, choice. Lucky for us we had a sprinkle mix Dragon Dreams, in those exact colors! After grabbing our sprinkle mix, we set to work finding the perfect Sweets & Treats Supplies to match.

Frankenstein Kids Halloween Party Ideas - DIY Frankenstein Cupcakes

Frankenstein Kids Halloween Party Cupcakes

The party centered around the idea that the attendees would build their own Frankenstein with sprinkles, candy, edible eyes, and cupcake rings. This is exactly why this post has the perfect kids Halloween party ideas! The cupcakes were baked in our BakeBright Solid Purple, Light Purple, and Black Stripe liners, frosted green prior to the party, then set out on small paint trays filled with all the little edible parts they needed to get creative. The sprinkles were a combination of our Dragon Dreams sprinkle mix, Black Jimmies, Black Chunky Sugar, Black Nonpareils (hey he has a lot of hair!), Purple Jimmies, and Lime Pearls.

Frankenstein Kids Halloween Party Ideas - Place Settings

After the main decorating plates were set, we carried on the theme by placing extra Frankenstein “parts” in the center of the table. Adding a few Frankenstein cookie cutters and plastic lab glass for that extra touch! We also set a sample Frank out in the center so guests could copy if they would like – hey we’re not all creative, but we all love cupcakes!

KIds Halloween Party Ideas - Frankenstein Halloween Party Food on lime green background

Frankenstein Kids Halloween Party Sweets

But of course cupcakes weren’t the only treat there. We dished up some purple Frankenstein brain…er ice cream and Frankenstein boogers…er popcorn, in our new Treat Cups! The Lime Chevron goodie bags were filled with lots of extra stitches – black licorice candy. Seriously, these kids Halloween party ideas are way too fun!

Frankenstein Kids Halloween Party Ideas - Paper Straws

Frankenstein Kids Halloween Party Paper Straws

The paper party straws were a perfect mix of coordinating stripes and solids. Did you catch the Lime Chevron print straw that coordinates perfectly with the treat bags? We served purple drinks of course!

Frankenstein Kids Halloween Party Ideas - Party Supplies BoardAnd that wraps up this Halloween Sweetscape. Stay tuned for one last Halloween Sweetscape coming up soon. If you’d like to shop this party you can do so below!



Sprinkles: Dragon Dreams, Black Jimmes, Black Sugar Crystals, Black Nonpareils, Purple Jimmies, Lime Pearls

Bake Bright Cupcake Liners – Solid Purple, Solid Light Purple, Black Stripe

Treat Cups: Solid Lime Green, Solid Purple

Paper Straws – Solid Black, Light Purple, Black Rugby, Black Pinstripe, Black Stripe, Lime Rugby, Lime StripeLime Chevron

Reusable Spoons – Lime Green, Purple

Goodie Bags- Lime Chevron


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