Modern Fall Sprinkles Mix Kit

Hey there Sweets Squad! Who’s ready for more SPRINKLES? Because today we’re introducing our Thanksgiving Fall Sprinkles Mix Kit available this October only! We are having so much fun sharing new DIY Sprinkle Mix Kits each month, we hope you guys are loving them just as much as we are. These kits allow our sprinkle enthusiasts to have a little sampling of some fun colors for that season or holiday, and the ability to mix up their own sprinkle mix creation. You can use each color alone, just a few together, or even the whole darn kit. The mixing is up to you! After all a baker has to have options right? This fun Thanksgiving DIY Fall Sprinkles kit will do just that.

Based off of our Moana inspired sprinkle mix, Boat Snack, these colors are a perfect combination of a traditional fall palette with a few bright pops of teal sprinkles and just the right amount of gold sprinkles. We can only image the beautiful treats y’all will be creating with this kit. So many colorful Thanksgiving possibilities with just enough of each mix to help you create so many sweets! This sprinkle mix kit even includes super adorable orange pumpkin sugar shapes!

Fall Sprinkles Box - Thanksgiving Sprinkles Mix Kit

But don’t forget, these Fall sprinkles mix kits are available for one month only. When Novembers rolls around we’re on to the next holiday and the next mix kit! It just may be – dare we say – Christmasy! Make sure you grab yours before they are gone.

We can’t hardly wait to share more Thanksgiving sweet inspiration but it’s ok if your just not ready for all things turkey just yet. (man the holidays come fast!) If that’s you make sure you check out our Frankensprinkle or Batty Bakery Halloween Sweetscape Insatparties.  Both parties are sure to give you enough spook before the turkeys begin! 

Now that you are in the fall spirit, check out our Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats and Pumpkin Cupcakes!

Love our Fall Sprinkles Kit? Here are some Fall Party Supplies to love!

BakeBright Greaseproof Cupcake Liners – Teal, Gold, Orange, Red

Paper Party Straws – Orange, Gold, Teal, Wood Brown

Reusable Party Spoons – Orange, Yellow, Red, Light Blue

Treat Cups – Orange, Red


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