Emoji Party Ideas & Party Supplies

Today we’re back to the blog tackling another trendy party theme. These Emoji party ideas and supplies are going to make you plan your next event, ASAP! As you already know, we love taking themes you guys love and showing you how you can achieve the theme you’re looking for without too much fuss or a crazy cost. It’s true! Sometimes all it takes is a combination of staple baking and party supplies and a good sprinkle mix to get going.

From the first moment we saw our red heart quin sprinkles, we knew we had to make a mix to match this theme. What a beautiful pop of color these sprinkles are. They are a perfect match and this theme just makes us smile. Does it make you smile too? This would make such a fun birthday theme!


Picking colors for an emoji party is pretty simple as you can imagine. For the main color, yellow is a safe bet to represent those classic little emotional guys we know and love. From there we chose pops of red, black, and brown all colors found in classic emojis and of course our new inspired sprinkle mix, Express Yourself.


Emoji Sprinkles – Express Yourself

Although our new sprinkle mix has been in the shop a few months, we’re really excited for its blog debut today! For those of you who haven’t had a chance to meet our new mix yet, say hello to our newest puffy heart eye inducing Emoji sprinkle mix, Express Yourself. Starting with a base of solid yellow jimmies you’ll find pops of white, brown, black jimmies and even red quin hearts mixed in! We’re totally feeling this sprinkle mix, it’s the perfect starting place for an emoji party.

Emoji Cupcakes with Emoji sprinkles in red greaseproof cupcake liners on yellow background

Emoji Party Cupcakes

Once you’ve grabbed your Express Yourself sprinkle mix and maybe a few coordinating cupcake toppers, it’s time to bake some simple Emoji cupcakes! Our yellow BakeBright cupcake liners are an Emoji Cupcake favorite and pair perfectly with a yellow buttercream.

Assorted Emoji Paper Straws Mix on yelllow background

Emoji Inspired Paper Straws

Here at the shop, we love to pull together a coordinating look of paper straws for our round-up themes. Paper straws are such an inexpensive way to really express any theme. Here we’ve gathered some favorites including red hearts, yellow pinstripe, and yellow rugby.  If you are gathering Emoji party ideas, you’ll want to pin these straws to Pinterest for sure!

Emoji Party Supplies Collage on yellow background

Emoji Party Supplies

We have lots of other perfect baking items in the shop as well. Like these yellow chevron goodie bags and these yellow reusable spoons. Or maybe a perfect mix of yellow, red, and black treat cups!

Emoji Party Supplies Grid with Emoji Sprinkles

We hope you guys are feeling these emoji party supplies and ideas as much as we! Check back soon you never know what ideas we’ll be sharing next!


Sprinkles – Express Yourself

BakeBright Cupcake Liners – Yellow, Red, Brown, Yellow Stripe

Paper Straws – Solid Black, Yellow Pinstripe, Yellow Rugby, Red Heart, Brown Stripe, Solid Red

Goodie Bags – Yellow Chevron

Reusable Spoons –Yellow, Red

Treat Cups – Red, Yellow, Black

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