Edible Cookie Dough Recipe with Rainbow Sprinkles

We’ve been watching edible cookie dough recipe posts all over the internet these last few months. Never mind all the cookie dough shops popping up all over the place! This recipe tastes so much like raw cookie dough, it’s hard to believe it’s egg-less! Adding in any of our sprinkles and sprinkle mixes would make these the perfect party favor for your upcoming event!

edible cookie dough scooped in ice cream bowl on green paper favor bag - edible cookie dough recipeWhy we never made edible cookie dough before is beyond us. So, we picked one of the first recipes we saw from our long time friend, Christi, at Love From the Oven. We tweaked her edible cookie dough recipe a little by adding 1/4 cup more chocolate chips, a little more oats to taste consistency, and 1/4 coconut. The coconut adds a perfect extra pop of flavor and sweetness. We are kinda coconut obsessed over here but it was just as delicious without. Totally up to you.

Edible cookie dough ingredients in clear Kitchenaid mixing bowlFor this particular edible cookie dough batch, we chose our Neon Glow Sprinkle Mix because of the fun, beautiful, bright sprinkles it has. Seriously though, any of our jimmies sprinkles or sprinkle mixes would be a great add in because those textures stand out once it’s all mixed. How fun would this be tweaked a little for all of those fun upcoming holidays? Valentines or Easter sprinkles mixed in would be glorious! We’ve tried a bunch after making this and this particular edible cookie dough recipe is the best one we’ve tasted.

Closeup shot of edible cookie dough recipe being mixed in mixing bowl

Just look at those textures! You guys, this was so so good. Now the hype around edible cookie dough is well understood by our team. Taste tests were all approved! We did however choose to use regular store bought flour. There are so many posts around the chance of contamination through flour that’s not heat treated so make (and eat!) your cookie dough with that in mind. Christi does a great job of explaining the points and what makes home bakers different from those edible cookie dough shops all around the country.

Edible cookie dough in ice cream cone on pink background

Check out Love From the Oven’s recipe and let us know what you think! You can find our other recipes in our Recipe Share category!


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    1. Hello Pamela!

      There isn’t any coconut in the recipe actually, we just added some because we love it! The recipe would be just find as is. Just wanted to show that you can tweak some of the add ins to make it just your style!

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