Quick & Easy Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

We’re hoping today’s post will brighten up your day! What better way to do that then with a little cake and a little rainbow sprinkles. By little we really do mean little, how cute is this six serving Rainbow Sprinkle Cake covered in our favorite sprinkle mix, Unicorn Cake Sprinkles?

Unicorn covered rainbow sprinkle cake on white cake stand and candles in background

Often when we are baking, we will have extra batter. This may be a result of needing an odd number of cupcakes, a larger cake, and so on. We always pop it in a small 6 inch pan and bake an extra one for later. I mean have you ever really had the problem of having too much cake? Does that problem really even exist?! Don’t worry about having to eat it right away either. The extra one can always be wrapped in plastic and frozen for up to six months. Six inches will feed about six people. Which makes them the perfect size to even freeze and pull out after dinner or when guests show up unexpected.

No time to bake or run to the store? Done. Forgot a special somebody’s birthday, boom, rainbow sprinkle cake is the answer. So easy and fast you’ll be baking them ahead because you love the saved time! Kinda like buying too many sale items because of the money you saved. We knew you’d understand.

Another fun tip is using this size for a truffle dessert. We cut it up in cubes, or even in thin layers with fruit and whipped cream. Anyway, we digress… back to the dessert at hand. We have used this tip way more times than we can count. Our freezer ready rainbow sprinkle cake hack always saves the day!

Top of rainbow sprinkle cake with napkin and sprinkles underneath

Of course your going to need an easy way to decorate and frost it. For this, we used leftover buttercream frosting (this recipe here) and after chilling for about 10 minutes we covered the sides in sprinkles, piped on an easy border, and added more sprinkles. Speaking of sprinkles, these are one of our customers favorite sprinkles mixes, Unicorn Cake. And with all those gorgeous color it’s easy to see why! These sprinkles would be so fun for a rainbow party as well!

Unicorn Sprinkles on rainbow sprinkle cake with candles

Of course a few birthday candles never hurt a cute little rainbow sprinkle cake either! You can dress this up with any of our sprinkles for a rainbow party, unicorn party, or even a regular ole birthday party. Add some coordinating napkins, plates, and candles for a quick festive dessert nobody will be turning you away. Check out our other post about how many sprinkles you will need to cover different sizes as well!

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