Easter Cupcake Ideas With Our Bake Bright Greaseproof Cupcake Liners

When it comes to holidays, cupcakes are a must for us. But when it comes to cupcakes, adorable and simple are also at the top of our list. With Easter just around the corner we had a little fun this week playing with different ways to create simple Easter cupcakes with our Bake Bright greaseproof liners, and spring sprinkles! Ready to see some ideas to get your spring creative juices flowing?

easter cupcakes with candy eggs on green tray

They say not to put all your eggs in a basket, but they never said anything about cupcakes! We love using our lime jimmy sprinkles and candy eggs to create a super simple easter cupcake. We couldn’t be any more excited that they matched our pastel Bake Bright liners so perfectly. Yay for being matchy matchy with our Easter cupcakes.

Easter Cupcakes

Speaking of our pastel Bake Bright liners. Can we just take a moment to enjoy this view! I mean we’re not trying to put our pastel cupcake liners on a pedestal or anything but…hehe! Don’t these just scream “put some carrot cupcakes in me for Easter?” Naturally we had to top these with our favorite spring sprinkle mix, Bunny Hop.

cupcake in a teal cupcake liners with sprinkles

But then again, how could we not love a sweet teal Bake Bright liner with a swirl of buttercream and carrot cake for our Easter cupcakes? This sprinkle mix, Easter basket pairs so well with the teal liners!

easter cupcakes that look like carrots

And of course, there’s always time to get a little creative! With a little orange coloring, green edible grass, and a few sprinkles we turned these into easy carrot cupcakes, literally! The orange polka dot cupcake liners were the perfect finish!

Are you planning on trying any Easter Cupcakes this year? Don’t forget we have lots of our Bake Bright pastel liners and spring sprinkles in the shop!

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