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Donut you know…it’s donut time! Today we’re celebrating yet another new sprinkle mix release and this one is all about those donuts. That’s right! Our new sprinkle mix, Baker’s Dozen, is inspired by donuts themselves. After all donuts and sprinkles are practically BFF’s right? Check out our latest party theme using our Donut Party Supplies and Ideas inspired by our newest sprinkle family member! But now that we are typing this post, we are wondering if you spell yours donut or doughnut? Either way, this theme is pretty epic! Just look at these fun colors together.

Donut party ideas using donut party supplies

Meet Our New Modern Sprinkle Mix – Baker’s Dozen!

This new donut sprinkle mix creation was only a matter of time after adding our doughnut candy sprinkles to the shop. We have been in love with these sprinkles since they arrived, the colors are not only adorable but who can resist anything doughnut related?  Although the donut sprinkles are cute on their own we thought it would be fun to create a mix inspired by frosted donuts themselves, and that’s exactly what we did! In this new mix, Baker’s Dozen, you will find sprinkle shades inspired by golden brown donuts, chocolate frosting, pops of colorful sprinkles, and of course actual donut sprinkle candies mixed in! This sprinkle mix is practically begging to be part of an epic donut party. 

We see you eyeing those cupcakes too. How perfect are the candies as cupcake toppers? Check out the Mocha Cupcakes Recipe!

Donut Party Supplies collage with cupcakes, donut sprinkles, and other donut party supplies

Donut Party Supplies 

If you’ve been a Sweets Squad member for any amount of time you already know, we can’t release a new sprinkle mix without sharing some coordinating party supplies from the shop…and this pink, mint, yellow + gold combo is the perfect palette for a doughnut party.  

To create a modern doughnut party we recommend starting with a light pink backdrop, then use the pops of color for your donut party supplies like our goodie bags or paper straws. Then adding just a few touches of brown and gold to give it a modern feel completed the look! Our brown BakeBright cupcake liners paired with chocolate mocha cupcakes went perfectly with this doughnut sprinkle mix + party supplies combination.

Speaking of combination, how cute is this paper straw combo? (Because you’re going to need to serve milk of course!) This just may be our new favorite combination around here! Those gold foil straws will forever have our hearts. 

Assorted Donut Party Paper Straws on light pink background

Other Party Ideas

We have lots of incredible ideas on our Donut Birthday Party Ideas board. You can pair our color scheme and incorporate a donut bar with sprinkles and delicous topping for your favorite breakfast (or anytime!) food. A cupcake tower would be incredible with the top tier being a donut cake for guests or to smash, and our Mocha Cupcakes being on the lower levels for those party goers to chow down on. There so many different donut balloons and party decorations out there too that would be epic with this theme. Send your guests home with cute donut holes as party favor ideas because doesn’t love free donuts!

We really enjoyed sharing our new sprinkle mix and party theme with you, and we can’t wait to see you all put it into action on those sweet treats of yours! 


BakeBright Cupcake Liners – Brown

Sprinkles – Baker’s Dozen, Mint Jimmies, Pastel Pink Jimmies, Gold Jimmies

Paper Straws –  Pink Rugby Stripe, Mint, Gold Foil, Brown Stripe, Yellow Pinstripe

Goodie Bags –  Pink Rugby

Reusable Plastic Ice Cream Spoons – All Colors

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