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Our latest Sweetscape InstaParty, is all things Dino with a fun punch of modern colors and dinosaur party ideas. From fossil decorated cookies and dino popcorn to perfectly swirled dinosaur cupcakes, it’s all here for your next dino-mite dinosaur birthday party!

Rawwwrrrrr! It’s that time again, time for another Sweets & Treats Sweetscape! This month we’re bringing yet another classic theme to the party table with an adorable yet totally RAWR-some dinosaur birthday theme. We’re going to show you how you can easily pair some of our favorite classic and modern baking and dino party supplies from the shop to create the dinosaur birthday event that will have all the little dino lovers talking. Dinosaurs may have gone extinct but they will never go out style!

Dinosaur Party Ideas Tablescape on orange, lime green, and brown background

Dinosaur Party Table

Picking colors for our birthday theme was easy using our Dino Stomp sprinkle mix. It has beautiful shades of blue and green mixed with a pop of orange and a brown for a touch of neutral. It’s such a classic mix and really does pair perfectly with any dinosaur themed event.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Cupcakes with toy dinosaurs on orange backaground

Dinosaur Party Cupcakes

With the theme and colors set, let’s talk snacks! We’re not trying to debate the history books here, but we’re pretty sure if dinos were here today they would let us all know cupcakes are their favorite birthday treat and we can’t blame them one bit. Naturally, they are our favorite as well so we served simple vanilla swirled cupcakes baked in our orange greaseproof cupcake liners and dipped in the Dino Stomp sprinkles.There’s just something we love about our signature dipping look. We love seeing most of the cupcake frosting swirled and just the edged dipped in our sprinkle mixes. Look at this picture though, doesn’t it look like they are eating from perfectly trimmed trees?

Dinosaur Cupcakes - Dino Cupcakes on orange background

Dinosaur Party Cookies

Don’t worry, we know dinos can’t dine on cupcakes alone. We also served these simple footprint and tropical leaf cookies made by The Sprinkle Factory, orange colored punch to drink, as well as popcorn topped in sprinkles of course! Just look at those fun “fossil” dinosaur cookies! You can make your own with this tutorial by The Sprinkle Factory. These dinosaur birthday ideas are just too fun to pick a favorite!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Cupcakes and footprint cookies on white plate and orange background

Dinosaur Party Food

Sweet, salty, and even more sweet. That’s a winning combination for any dinosaur birthday if you ask us! Sprinkled popcorn is one of our favorite easy party hacks. Popcorn is always so well loved at parties, easy to serve, and easy to spruce up. To keep it extra cute we dished servings up in our green and orange treat cups which we later used for ice cream with our favorite reusable party spoons. Crustless sandwiches would be perfect food too as well as a veggie tray! You know all of those herbivores need their leaves!

Dinosaur Party Ideas - Dino Popcorn on white plate and orange background

Dinosaur Dessert Table

There are so many fun themed dessert you could serve too. How fun would a volcano cake be? A dinosaur cake with these footprint cookies would be a super fun idea too. Such great boy birthday party ideas don’t you think? A PYO cookie would be a perfect dessert activity and take home favor in one!

Dinosaur Party Supplies with cookies, cupcakes, and popcorn on orange background


Dinosaur Party Supplies

We have so many products in the shop just perfect for this theme, it was pretty hard to pick our favorites. These lime stripe goodie bags were a must have though, because every dino birthday needs good party favors! Our blue greaseproof cupcake liners and orange stripe cupcake liners were a great match as well. Just like all of our other sweetscapes, we show you how to pull in themed colors along with any other supplies you have for the event. Mix and match colors and patterns to get the looks you want! 

Dinosaur Birthday Party - Paper Straws assortment on orange background

Dinosaur Paper Straws

But before we wrap up our Dinsosaur birthday party you know we can’t host a Sweets & Treats Sweetscape and not create a fun paper straw combination! This one is pretty darn RAWR-tastic if you as us! Each straw is linked in the shop section below so you can create a combination of your own. Here we mixed our barber stripe and rugby stripe straws.

We love a clean, modern dinosaur party ideas post as much as the rest of them but just think of the possibilities. You could dress up this theme to be a Jurassic Park party or keep it simple for a Good Dinosaur theme by incorporating more blues and greens. The possibilities are endless!

Dinosaur Party Favors

Last but certainly not least is a little bit of info about party favors! There are so many fun ideas for things to send home with the kiddos. You could bag up some “eggs” which are Easter eggs full of candy. These would be so fun to find in a dino dig station at your event using crushed up graham crackers where the dino footprint cookies could be topped with. You know you have to include a toy dinosaur as a party favor too! Now you see why we had so much fun putting together these dinosaur party ideas!


BakeBright Cupcake Liners – Orange, Blue, Orange Stripe

Sprinkles – Dino Stomp Sprinkle Mix

Paper Straws –   Stripe Lime, Navy Rugby, Orange Stripe, Peach Rugby, Brown Stripe, Green Stripe

Goodie Bags – Lime Green Stripe

Reusable Plastic Ice Cream Spoons – Royal, Lime, Orange

Treat Cups – Lime Stripe, Lime Solid, Orange Stripe, Orange Solid

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