Feather Thanksgiving Cupcake Toppers – Cupcakes For Thanksgiving

Fun feather Thanksgiving cupcake toppers perfect as a kids craft while waiting for the food to cook! These are the perfect family friendly cupcakes for Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving sneaking up on us, it’s time to think about…dessert! Sure we’ll be serving traditional pie, it’s a must, but we can’t help but bring cupcakes to the gathering as well. Pumpkin spice cupcakes do the job here just fine but we wanted to come up with a little way to spruce these guys up for the table. Not that they’re trying to show up the pie but…look at these guys! These Feather Cupcake Toppers will add a fun touch to your family get together. Put the kids at their craft table while the food is cooking, this will a fun kids craft to pass the time. 

Feather Thanksgiving Cupcake Toppers - Kid Craft! Fun cupcakes for Thanksgiving

How To Make These Cupcakes For Thanksgiving

First we baked our Pumpkin cupcakes for Thanksgiving, iced them, and let them cool completely. Then, on to the feather Thanksgiving cupcake toppers! Let’s look at how easy they really are! First we cut out some bright paper feathers using our Silhouette machine. If you have a cutting machine it makes this super super easy and fast. Just pick some feathers and cut. But it you don’t there are some more options! You can print your own feathers with a quick google search, have the children cut out some feathers of their own creation, buy craft feathers, buy foam craft feathers, or even use a feather craft punch! No matter where you get your feathers they will make great toppers!

supplies for thanksgiving cupcakes craft

Next we cut some of our aqua blue chevron paper straws in half, which coordinate so perfectly with our aqua chevron cupcake liners. Then we simply hot glued the feathers on to the ends of the straws. Some we glued on the same side and some on opposite sides to give a bit of dimension.

We also used our Boat Snack sprinkle mix to finish these cute Thanksgiving cupcakes right up. We love when cute and easy go together!

Other Ideas For Thanksgiving Cupcakes

Here’s another idea! Why not gather the supplies up and have the children make the Thanksgiving cupcake toppers while they wait for the meal on Thanksgiving day? It’s so fun to see just how many colors our kiddos chose that fit their ‘Fall’ color palette for their craft. A really fun spin on this is if they were giving markers or pencils to write down on each feather one thing they were thankful for this year. What a gratitude practice indeed! These are the cutest cupcakes for Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving cupcake decorations using our feather cupcake topper tutorial

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