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Hey Sweets Squad! Today we are excited to bring you our third party in our series of Sweetscapes Instaparties. Cute and easy parties we help you pull together in an instant with our favorite Sweets & Treats products. Our Cotton Candy Party Ideas are so fun and colorful! We have several fall parties on the way that we can’t wait for you to see, but first we wanted to share with you a party we thought fit perfectly in between the end of summer and the beginning of fall!

Cotton Candy Party Ideas

cotton candy party ideas table setup - 6 place settings

Cotton Candy Party Table

Doesn’t this just make you want to fall right into a giant pool of fluffy spun sugar? There is really no age limit on the fluffy stuff. Kids from 1-100 enjoy it just the same. What is it about that melt is your mouth treat? This party was inspired by one of our best selling sprinkle mixes  – our Cotton Candy Mix . We can totally see why it’s one of your favorites. Not only are the colors so adorable together there is real Cotton Candy Sugar Crunch mixed right in. Which makes it extra yummy with a hint of the real thing!

Cotton Candy Party Sprinkles in white bowls

Cotton Candy Party Sprinkles

The best thing about this cotton candy party is that it is truly so simple to bring in the theme. All you need is some color and cotton candy of course – and lots of it! We started with a purple table covering, but you really could use purple, pink, or blue. Then we layered some simple purple napkins and bright pink pates to give this party a big pop of color. We then added some simple DIY confetti made from our left over cupcake liners. The rest of the décor came right in through the party goods and food.

Cotton candy cupcakes laid out on purple background for party

Cotton Candy Party Cupcakes

We kept the party food to one course – SWEETS! The cupcakes were the main feature naturally. We wanted something whimsical and fun yet a little different so our team member Toni created these really fun cotton candy flavored cupcakes with a unique and funky frosting on top. They were wrapped in our Solid Purple, Light Purple, and Solid Pink BakeBright liners, covered in our Cotton Candy Sprinkle Mix, and then topped with a puff of cotton candy. They really gave the party the whimsical feel we were hoping for.

Cotton candy cupcakes in a 6 cup pan

Cotton Candy Ice Cream

We also served cotton candy ice cream topped with our Cotton Candy Crunch and finished with yet another little bit of cotton candy. But wait! Did you see what we served the ice cream in? The cutest purple and blue ice cream cups complimented with the cutest pink, purple, and blue ice cream spoons! We are so excited to share, these will be coming to the shop VERY SOON and bringing many more colors with them! Here’s another cotton candy ice cream version we made for another party using multi color ice cream scoops and our sprinkle mix on top!

Cotton Candy flavored ice cream and chunks.

Every good party needs a favor. For this party we laid out our Light Blue Dot Goodie Bags and just before the party was over we let the little guests fill theirs with cotton candy to take home. For good measure there were extra sprinkles laid on the table to sprinkle in the cotton candy if they would like. Who doesn’t want sprinkles in their cotton candy?

Cotton Candy Party ideas board with party supplies

Cotton Candy Party Paper Straws

And last but certainly not least the drinks! Once again we used our glass party glasses recycled from store bought drinks, filled with Strawberry Banana Sobe which happened to not only be the perfect color but seriously yummy. Then we added an assortment of our party paper straws. We may have went over board on the different straws here but we couldn’t help it. They were all so perfect together! Do you see how the Light Blue Dot Straws coordinate so perfectly with the Light Blue Dot Goodie Bags? So fun! Blue paper clips gave the perfect simple touch to close up the goodie bags, washi tape is perfect for this as well.

Cotton Candy party paper straws assortment

Other Cotton Candy Party Ideas

Obviously as party of the party favors  you could give out little tubs of cotton candy. You can find these at many local candy stores. Find some in your party colors and you’ll be good to go!

Wasn’t this such a fun party? We hope you guys loved it as much as we do. To create a Cotton Candy party of your own you can shop this party below!



Bake Bright Liners – Solid Purple | Solid Light Purple | Solid Pink

Sprinkles – Cotton Candy Mix | Cotton Candy Crunch

Goodie Bags – Light Blue Dot

Paper Straws – Light Blue Dot | Solid Light Blue | Blue Stripe | Light Purple Stripe | Purple Stripe

Ice Cream  & Treat Cups – Blue | Purple

Plastic Spoons – Light Pink | Light Blue | Blue

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