Christmas Party Supplies – Traditional & Modern Colors!

Oh hey there #sweetssquad. Don’t mind us, we’re just over here getting ready for CHRISTMAS! Yay! It’s finally time to post our first Christmas themed post. Each year it blows us away how early you guys start shopping and preparing for Christmas. We’ve been shipping out tons of Christmas party supplies and items for weeks now and it’s been making us eager to join in on the Christmas baking fun. Since we can’t wait another minute, the festivities sharing starts today! How about we jump right in and share with you some of our very favorite Christmas sprinkles and modern Christmas baking supplies from the shop. We thought you would agree.

Modern Christmas Sprinkles and Christmas Baking Supplies on pink background

Ya’ll know we are a sucker for pink any time of the year. Christmas is no exception. This look was inspired by our best seller, Merry & Bright sprinkle mix. Which also has a coordinating sugar crystal sprinkle mix, Merry & Modern. You can see it shining brightly in the photo above! Both mixes pair well with loads of our cupcake liners, but we loved how these pink dot and pink stripe liners looked. Our pink dot goodie bags and red and lime reusable party spoons also look pretty darn cute with this modern Christmas look.

Christmas Cupcakes and Christmas Baking Supplies

Seriously it is just so fun an festive! Can you really go wrong with cupcakes and Christmas sprinkles? The answer is always no of course!

Modern Christmas Sprinkles and Christmas Party Supplies

It really is the cutest Christmas combination isn’t it? We can’t get enough of these reusable party spoons. It that a hot cocoa bar we hear calling? You better believe it! Now that we’ve got you all warmed up and dreaming of hot cocoa and Christmas sprinkles, it’s time to introduce you to a brand new Christmas sprinkle mix, Tinsel Town! This year we wanted to add to our ever-growing line of Christmas sprinkles with a mix that was classic yet modern. We think Tinsel Town does just that. This mix has several shades of green including cute little tree sprinkles, a pop of pink, and gold sugar pearl accents. What do you all think of this festive new mix?

New Christmas Sprinkles and Christmas Baking Supplies

We can’t wait to see how you add this new Christmas sprinkle mix to your Christmas baking. We’d loved to hear if you prefer modern or traditional colors when shopping for Christmas party supplies! Foil and prints are such a fun additional even when sticking to those classic colors, but there’s just something about pops of pink and lime we can’t get enough of!

Traditional Christmas Sprinkles and Christmas Baking Supplies on red background

Even though we love creating new and modern sprinkles mixes, we will never stop loving classic, traditional Christmas party supplies! Included in our vast collection is, of course, Lumber Jack, Mean One, Candy Cane, and Sugar Cookie. We won’t even try to pick a favorite, can you? Speaking of classics and favorites. Have you all had a chance to look at all of our Christmas paper party straws? Although there are a lot of them, some favorites are featured in the photo above. Be sure to check out the green foil, red foil, snowflakes, and green tree paper party straws!

Stacked Christmas cupcakes on white black and red background

Are you guys as excited about Christmas baking as we are now?! We really can hardly wait to see what all you up with this year Sweets Squad!


Sprinkles –Merry & ModernMerry & Bright, Tinsel Town, Lumber Jack, Mean One, Sugar Cookie, Candy Cane

BakeBright Cupcake Liners – pink dotpink stripe, red stripe

Treat Cups – Black, Green, Red

Paper Party Straws – Red Foil, Green Foil, Green Trees, Red Snowflakes, Green Tree

Goodie Bags – Pink Dot,

Reusable Party Spoons – Red, Lime, Pink, White, Purple

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