Christmas Ornament Cupcakes Tutorial & Ideas

Earlier this week we showed you how to make Melting Snowman Cupcakes. Today, learn how to make Christmas Ornament Cupcakes this holiday season with just a few supplies from our shop. This makes such a fun kids activity!!

closeup of christmas ornament cupcakes using sugar crystals and silver quin sprinklesOrnament Cupcakes Are The Perfect Christmas Dessert

What shape is more iconic for this holiday season than a Christmas ornament? We’ve had this tutorial in mind for a while but really needed to find something easy and we just didn’t want to deal with fondant for the hanging loop. Well, we added a new quin sprinkle shape to our shop and just knew it was the one!

half dozen christmas ornament cupcakes for your upcoming christmas partyThis tutorial is such an easy one and just in time for the upcoming festivities. Between these and the snowman tutorial, we just can’t choose a favorite! What do you guys think? We can’t wait to hear!

How To Make Christmas Ornament Cupcakes

With just a handful of supplies from our shop, you’ll have these Christmas cupcakes whipped up in no time.

Learn how to make christmas ornament cupcakes with these few ingredientsGather Your Ornament Cupcake Ingredients

For this tutorial, you can start with already baked cupcakes to make this go faster during the holidays. We baked ours a few days ahead to save on time.

You’ll need some baked chocolate cupcakes, buttercream, wedding ring quin sprinkles, silver sugar crystals, and sprinkles for the design of your ornament.

smooth buttercream as base for ornament cupcakes tutorialFrost and Decorate Your Christmas Ornament Cupcakes

Gather your baked cupcakes and scoop buttercream on them using just a butter knife or tablespoon in a pinch. Otherwise you grab your favorite small cookie scoop for the perfect amount of icing each time.

christmas ornament cupcakes dipped in sugar crystalsNext, you’ll roll the frosted cupcakes in the Merry & Modern sugar crystals to mimic the look of stained glass. You can use the pressure of the dip to spread your frosting around the cupcake or you can spread the frosting around the sides before dipping.

pipe buttercream for silver look of metal on christmas cupcakesEither method works perfectly, it just depends on how much color of the cupcake you want to show on the sides. If none, you can frost all the way to the cupcakes liner edge.Β You can softly smooth any lumps of frosting left with a paper towel or napkin.

top view of finished christmas ornament cupcake with stained glass lookAdd ‘Metal’ Hanging Loop

An ornament can’t be itself without the hanging loop right? For the perfect loop, we mimicked metal by adding a small dot of buttercream on one end of the cupcake and then dipping it in the silver sugar crystals. Immediately insert one wedding ring quin diamond side first into the dollop of silver covered buttercream.

closeup of finished christmas ornament cupcakes with metal hanging loopOther Christmas Ornament Cupcake Ideas

We chose our Merry & Modern sugar crystals for a stained glass type look. If you really want to one up your friends, design your ornament and strategically place your sprinkles in the shape you choose.

This particular design is so easy for kids to do as it’s just a dip and go. But switch up the sprinkles, liners, and cupcakes or frosting recipes for a one of a kind Christmas dessert!

video of christmas ornament cupcakes tutorialSHOP THESE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT CUPCAKE SUPPLIES!

Sprinkles: Silver Sugar, Merry & Modern Sugar, Diamond Ring Quins

Cupcake Liners: Stripe Lime

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