Merry & Bright Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies

What better way to celebrate the upcoming holidays than by dressing up our favorite cookie recipe to make these thick and chewy Christmas chocolate chip cookies?!

We cannot believe Christmas is right around the corner. Where in the world did 2017 go?! We aren’t complaining though because Christmas is our absolute favorite holiday. With the crisp air, cheery music, and gorgeous holiday colors, how could it not be? The baking coming from our kitchen is just the same. We used a few of our very favorite Christmas sprinkle mixes to dress up our delicious sprinkle chocolate chip cookies recipe to bring you these delicious, thick, chewy Christmas chocolate chip cookies! They are full of flavor and color from the sprinkles.

Closeup of merry and bright sprinkle cookies on pink plate - Christmas chocolate chip cookies

For the first batch, we decided to mix in our modern Merry & Bright sprinkle mix which has pops of pink, lime, and teal jimmies sprinkles with the traditional reds and whites you typically see in Christmas baking. Merry & Bright Christmas themes are so popular this time of year and go great with all the colorful options from our shop including our paper straws, cupcake liners, goodie bags, and even our brand new plastic ice cream spoons.

Mixing bowl photo of ingredients before blended

Our recipe calls for hand rolling the balls which smooths the texture. We wanted to do a cookie scoop above to show the differences. There’s just something about that rough texture that we love! We used a 2 tablespoon scoop here and placed them directly on the baking mat.

Inside picture of sprinkle cookie with bite taken out.

For the second Christmas cookie, we just HAD to use our newest holiday sprinkle mix, Lumber Jack. There are so many Lumberjack and Woodland parties recently that have used these Lumber Jack sprinkles. They are so fun!

Partial photo of lumberjack sprinkle cookies on wood plate and red background

Now that Christmas season are in full effect, we had the hardest time picking a fave. Traditional Christmas parties are so popular! But we love the one of a kind themes you guys have been coming up with. For these cookies, we chose two of our very favorite Christmas sprinkle mixes. Sprinkles are the perfect add in to chocolate chip cookie dough. These cookies are so  easy to convert to any theme!

Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

We followed the cookie recipe exactly as it shows here by hand rolling the dough this time and as you can see, the texture is much smoother. Play with the shapes of your cookies! We love keeping them perfectly round, mushing them a little, or even standing them a little taller to minimize spreading.

wood stand with lumberjack sprinkles chocolate chip cookies

No matter which way you love your sprinkle chocolate chip cookies texture, we know you’ll love this delicious recipe. Seriously, how can you not want to make these right away after seeing these pictures?

Inside photo of Christmas chocolate chip cookie

We love to bake a few batches of these and pass them out in our Treat Cups twist tied in a clear plastic bag and tag for classroom and teacher Christmas gifts. What mix will you be using for your chocolate chip cookies this year?

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