Choose our newest mini cupcake liners size!

Welcome to the newest post on our brand-new, branded blog! We have been working on some super secret things here at Sweets & Treats over the last few months. Well, it really started almost two years ago but who’s counting. While we are not quite ready to announce it all, we are asking for your help. What mini cupcake liners size would you like to see next? As with any manufacturing process, we have to figure out exactly what size we are looking for!

Choose our next cupcake liner size - Mini Cupcake Liners!

We are asked daily when we will be offering cupcake liners in sizes other than Standard (2″b x 1.25″h) so we want your input on what our smallest mini cupcake liners size should be. Most commonly we are asked for mini liners but we want to know what mini means to you. After much discussion with our retailers, here are our choices and photos to show comparison.

Mini and Midi Size Cupcake Liners Mini and Midi Size Cupcake Liners Mini and Midi Size Cupcake Liners

The smaller cupcake liner shown is a regular mini cupcake liners size (1.375″b x 0.75″h) that you can find any and everywhere, while the slightly larger cupcake liner is the midi size (1.5″b x 1″h). To be honest, I’m not really a fan of a mini cupcake. They don’t ever seem to be as moist as my beloved Standard size cupcakes and really leave much to be desired. These are a typical one-bite cupcakes. The next size up is a midi cupcake. They are a little bit bigger and are considered a two-bite cupcake. They are a little too big to eat in one bite but are not nearly as big as a standard size cupcake which is about double the bites. Who knew all of this could be broken down into how many bites it takes to eat a cupcake. Any tootsie pop commercials coming to your mind yet?

For you die-hard bakers, what would you like to see? The answers may even vary from bakers to eaters. That’s ok too. We’d love a comment below if it’s not as easy as choosing one. You may like both for different occasions. Let us know your thoughts!



Choose your mini cupcake liners!

24 responses to “Choose our newest mini cupcake liners size!

  1. I mostly make mini muffins solely to freeze and pack into my kids school snacks, however the true mini is also a good size for my 1.5 yr old to hold and eat without just smushing nd crumbling it all over!

    1. Sheri, The photo with the pan is a standard mini size pan. As you can see, the liners are a little taller. There a few pans that they fit better in. We are doing a lot of research right now to help when we do announce if we end up doing this size. Thanks so much for your input!

  2. I definitely prefer the midi size and yes they’re very hard to come by. I like that they can fit my regular sized cupcake pans. Please, please, please do the midi size. I’ll be your customer for life…lol. But seriously though do the midi size.

  3. Love the bigger mini… because of what I have to charge my customer that wants minis, I feel like they are getting a little more cupcake for their buck… it’s a win win. πŸ™‚

  4. I am a baker, and i personally think that the smaller ones are more pretty and petite. Mini isn’t mini unless it’s true mini. So excited for these to arrive!!!

  5. I think midi size would be wonderful!! Not just for cupcakes either-cookie cups/little pies & tarts… I don’t make minis, but I WOULD bake midis!! Also, for all you fans of the mini’s, using up those left over egg cartons to package minin’s in a new, adorable way to recycle and package for parties or gifts! Happy baking everyone!!!

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