Chocolate Dipped Easter Cookies [With Sprinkles!]

Last week we shared a little Easter cupcake inspiration using our BakeBright liners, and this week we thought we’d hop right back in with some Easter cookies inspiration using one of our very favorite Easter sprinkles mixes, Bunny Hop!

easter cookies eggs dipped in white chocolate with sprinkles

Holidays pass by so quickly, and with each holiday there is a whole new set of to do lists to keep the celebrations & traditions moving. We love to find ways to keep holiday treats fresh, fun, yummy, and most of all – EASY. These Easter cookies were just right! Here’s a quick look at how to make some at home!

Supplies For Chocolate Dipped Easter Cookies

We started off by baking some egg shaped sugar cookies from this recipe but your favorite recipe will work just as well! Then we dipped them into a little white chocolate. We only covered half of our cookies, because hey it’s trendy looking! Then placed them on a parchment paper lined cookie sheets and added our Bunny Hop Easter sprinkles! So simple y’all, and here’s the best part. These Easter cookies freeze really well! Place them in airtight containers and freeze them until Easter. Hear that? That’s one more project checked off your Easter to do list!

egg cookies with sprinkles in a pink basket

And can we just talk about this sugar crystals sprinkle mix for a second? Of all the sprinkles we carry in our shop, sugar crystals are our favorite to mix and to put on sweets. There’s just something about a crunchy sprinkle and beautiful sweet colors that draws us in. Our Bunny Hop sugar crystals are a perfect blend of Easter sprinkles colors of the rainbow including pastels and bright colors.

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