Best Chocolate Chip Sprinkle S’mores Cookies

You guys, it’s almost December. That means cold weather, fires blazing, and lots of s’mores being made! So, of course our next variation of our favorite Sprinkle Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is this one! Our Chocolate Chip Sprinkle S’mores Cookies or Hot Cocoa Cookies will knock your socks off! chocolate chip sprinkle S'mores cookies on white dish with sprinkles on right sideThese cookies are one of a kind. They are super chocolaty but also have our exclusive Campfire Crunch sprinkle mix we just developed. It includes some of our Milk & Cookies sprinkle mix, Graham Cracker crunch, Marshmallow crunch, and mini micro marshmallows to round out the s’mores theme. There’s just something about the crunch of the graham crackers and marshmallow crunch paired with the richness of the chocolate chips and mini marshmallows that makes these cookies a flavor explosion!S'mores inspired sprinkles all poured out into center of blue background

The only changes we made to our favorite Sprinkle Chocolate Chip Cookie was to swap out 6Tbsp of flour with cocoa powder, make a combination of white chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, chocolate chip chunks, and mini chocolate chips for the 3/4 cup, and last but not least, our newest S’mores inspired sprinkle mix! You can change the amount of cocoa you swap for the color. We preferred a deep, rich chocolate taste and color for these s’mores cookies. These sprinkle s’mores cookies are going to knock your socks off!Closeup of sprinkle s'mores cookies on white plateThe crunch of the sprinkles and gooey flavor of the chocolate chips are the perfect chocolate chip cookie addition. Now, this is THE perfect cookie to make and gift for Christmas. We’ll be batching up our Sprinkle Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe variations for Christmas gifts this year for teacher and coworkers! Have fun topping and changing as you think of new flavor combinations. A mint chocolate chip, eggnog, or peppermint topped cookie would be incredible for this time of year also! Yay for winter months!S'mores cookies on white plate near s'mores campfire crunch sprinkles

And you know Santa would LOVE to get these cookies this year! Hint hint. They are just as delicious a few days later so he can enjoy them after delivering all of those toys. Santa has a hard job, let’s reward him by giving him these Chocolate Chip Sprinkle S’mores Cookies!Closeup of s'mores sprinkles with s'mores cookies in background

Grab some Campfire Crunch for yourself, until they run out!

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S'mores cookies collage


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