Covering a Sprinkle Cake – How Many Sprinkles Do I Need?

How many sprinkle bags will I need to cover a sprinkle cake?

We are super excited to be on the blog today answering one of our most asked questions: How many sprinkles do I need to make a sprinkle cake? There are so many bulk options in the shop with our sprinkles and more often than not, our customers just aren’t sure how far will a bag…

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Watermelon Party Supplies & Watermelon Sprinkles

Watermelon cupcakes with watermelon sprinkles.

We know it’s only spring but our hearts and bellies are thinking warm weather and bbq’s! Summer parties Are always so much fun to throw and especially bake for! All those bright colors and fruity flavors. Today we’re rounding up a few of our favorite watermelon party supplies in the shop. But first let’s take…

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Day of the Dead Party Ideas – Día de Muertos Party Supplies

Day of the Dead party supplies - sugar skull party supplies

Day of the Dead party ideas are our fave! Our Día de Muertos party ideas are so colorful and fun and would be the perfect modern spin on Halloween party ideas of old. Our Sugar Skull sprinkles are the perfect addition too! Check out all the colors and Halloween fun we put together below. The colors…

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Reusable Plastic Ice Cream Spoons – Rainbow Colors

Reusable Party Spoons

Reusable Plastic Ice Cream Spoons in every color of the rainbow, now that’s music to our ears! How could we not love these spoons? They are super sturdy, super pretty, and super reusable – the BFF of ice cream if you will and in every color of the rainbow! Recently we’ve been using them over and…

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Boho Party Supplies – Bohemian Party Ideas

Boho Blues Party Sprinkle Mix

Have you guys noticed how boho chic is getting more and more popular? We’ve been spotting it all over your our Instagram feed and we are totally digging it. It’s really an all year round look, but we particularly love it in the fall, those feathers! So today we thought it would be fun to…

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