Greaseproof Cupcake Liners – Are They Really The Best?

Looking for the best greaseproof cupcake liners? You can go online a find a number of different party supply stores that offer these, or can you? Over the last 10 years of being in business, the baking industry has changed so much. Baking cups were all there were and they were questionable at best even when we were told they were greaseproof. When our business was founded, it was because we were bakers ourselves and there was nothing out there that was quality enough for our cupcakes. Insert BakeBright liners!

Why Should I Care About My Cupcake Liners Being Greaseproof?

Well, you don’t really have to and many big companies don’t (hello grocery store cupcakes!) because it’s all about taste for minimal cost. But for many of us especially the home bakers and local bakeries, we care about the total package! It’s all about presentation and first impressions. The frosting might look pretty but the greasy wrapper really leaves so much to be desired. If you can coordinate the liners to the colors or pattern of a party, this just makes your cupcakes look that much better as if you put more effort into it. 

The Original Greaseproof Cupcake Liners

Besides the thin, see through baking cups at your local grocery stores and the boring go to, Silver Foil, there just wasn’t anything out there to dress up cupcakes for parties and holiday events! What “greaseproof baking cups” did exist looked really nice on the shelf but turned soggy and transparent from the oils in the baking batter. We were paying extra for something that just didn’t perform! We were wasting our hard earned money. So, naturally, we decided to take matters into our own hands and design and manufacture our BakeBright line to share with the baking world because true greaseproof liners just did not exist!

A cupcake decorated with birthday cake sprinkles and dot pink greaseproof cupcake linersWe saw our product as different from regular baking cups, so we coined the term Greaseproof Cupcake Liners over a decade ago. They were different and we didn’t think they belonged with anything else on the baking supply shelf. In addition to that, we wanted to release brand new, never seen before colors and patterns to expand your party choices. We were the first to market modern patterns such as Chevron and Anchor and colors such as Navy, Teal, and Coral. Colors have always been such a fun part of this product line and while there may be many imitators now over the years, we are still the original greaseproof cupcake liner company!

BakeBright greaseproof cupcake liners with swirl cupcakes on pink background

What Makes BakeBright Greaseproof Cupcake Liners The Best?

We take pride in manufacturing our liners with fun, modern designs, gorgeous colors handpicked by us and quality paper that you will love baking in time and time again. Let your cupcakes be the envy of the rest of the party sweets!

Designed and color picked by us, in house

You’ll find us in our office with our trusty PMS color book by our side dreaming up new patterns and colors for future releases. We don’t resell somebody else’s designs, they are drawn and color picked by us making theme exclusive to us. We spend so much time picking the perfect colors for you!

Made from premium quality greaseproof paper

We searched for the perfect greaseproof paper all over the world until we settled on the perfect thickness with the perfect greaseproof characteristics for our proprietary paper. Thickness isn’t what makes our liners perform, it’s a perfect scientific combination of paper strength and oil resistance that you won’t find anywhere else.

Colors stay bright – even the white – after baking

The inks used on our greaseproof cupcake liners is FDA approved and will not bleed in your cupcake batter. The whites on our design stay bright after baking, even with chocolate cake. No need to worry about your patterns still showing after you bake. Don’t think it matters? Check out this side by side comparison.

why greaseproof cupcake liners really are the best

Offered in unique sizes

Over the years we have learned that our original size just wasn’t enough so we released a taller, standard size liner with the same 2″ base but a bit taller at 1 3/8″ height. This allows you to put more batter and make a more gorgeous cupcake presentation. This eliminated the dreaded cupcake spread that happens and sticks to the side of the pan. Ours give your cupcake that extra perky top. We are very close to releasing our version of the mini cupcake liner as well that will be slightly wider and taller. You will not want to miss it!

Bulk and wholesale packaging

We sell our cupcake liners in retail packaging for all the home bakers and party planners but we also sell bulk sleeves of 250 as well as wholes 10,000 count cases for bakeries and stockists.

Look For The Quality Stamp

The bottom of all of our greaseproof cupcake liner products has our logo icon so you know you have quality liners. Trust the best with your cupcake creations! Don’t be fooled by other companies claiming greaseproof paper. While they may be more grease resistant that those grocery store cupcake cups, most retailers have no control over the product at all.

Our liners are fun, colorful, and stay oh so bright even after baking! No more soggy liners, no more faded patterns, no more ruined parties. Just bright, beautiful cupcakes! With millions of cupcake liners sold through the years, there’s no surprise that our exclusive designs and colors have taken the baking industry by  storm. Thank you for trusting your parties, graduations, birthdays, and special event cupcakes to us.

Best greaseproof cupcake liners - colors stay bright, even the white, after baking.

With our extensive offering, you are sure to find the color and pattern you are looking for. Having a nautical party? Our anchor liners would be perfect for that! Need a perfect coral cupcake liner? We have that too! Maroon, Forest, Light Pink,? You get the point. We can’t wait to show you all of the new colors and patterns we have been working on. It has been such a fun process to grow our BakeBright line! We do hope you love them as much as we do. Greaseproof, grease proof, or gresase free – no matter what you call it, it’s very important to your cupcakes so make sure you get quality baking cups on those baked beauties!

When only the best greaseproof cupcake liners will do! Get BakeBright!

BakeBright best greaseproof cupcake liners collage in colorful baking supplies colors

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