Batty Bakery Kids Halloween Party – Sweetscape Instaparty

We are so excited to be back today with another Sweetscape to share with you. We’re extra excited because this is the first of our holiday Sweetscapes, Halloween! To kick off all things spooky we went straight to where every good Monster Mash starts, the bakery. Batty Bakery! We are so excited about this because it’s the perfect kids Halloween party!

This little instaparty was setup to be the perfect slightly spooky baking party for Halloween, and just a little bit batty. The great thing about this theme is not only is it fun and colorful, the theme and décor are also the activities. The kiddos get to dig right in and frost and sprinkle their own cupcakes, as batty as they would like. How great would this be for a school Halloween event?!

Kids Halloween Party Ideas

Batty Bakery Kids Halloween Party Ideas Table

Kids Halloween Baking Party Ideas Table

The colors for this party were set using our polka dot goodie bags, we picked Orange, Purple, Black, and Lime Green. We chose to use purple for a not so spooky pop of color as the table covering and then set to work adding lots of bakery goods! For table decorations we raided our own baking gear first, laying out spatulas, measuring spoons, cookie cutters, and plastic Halloween rings, bats of course. Then we placed one of our new Polka Dot Treat Cups on each plate. These made the perfect little miniature decorating stands for the kids then doubled as an ice cream cup after, win-win!

Batty Bakery Kids Halloween Party Ideas Cupcakes

Kids Halloween Party Cupcakes

For the cupcakes we simply baked some confetti cupcakes in a variety of our Polka Dot BakeBright Liners and adding a little Monster Mash sprinkle mix to our vanilla batter. Each child got an unfrosted cupcake. We placed little half full frosting bags around the table for them to start piping frosting onto their own spooky creation. Keeping them about half full is easier for little hands to work with and creates less mess. It was so much fun setting up all these kids Halloween baking supplies.

Batty Bakery Kids Halloween Party Ideas - Halloween Sprinkles

Kids Halloween Sprinkles

What really stole the show here was this month’s DIY Sprinkle Mix Kit which happened to be the perfect color palette! This sprinkle mix kit was so perfect for the party. With 12 little containers there was plenty to go around and lots off variety for the kids to pick from without having too many large bowls of sprinkles everywhere.

Batty Bakery Kids Halloween Party Ideas - Halloween Sprinkles Monster Mash

We also kept a little Monster Mash sprinkle mix to the side to refill – it’s always a favorite.

Batty Bakery Kids Halloween Party Ideas Party Favors

Kids Halloween Party Favors

And of course the sprinkles didn’t end there! We also baked some of these Swirly Halloween cookies to send home with the little monsters. You can find the tutorial to make them yourself here.

Batty Bakery Kids Halloween Party Ideas Spooky Drink

Kids Halloween Paper Straws

Spooky drinks were easy with a little orange Gatorade, coordinating paper straws combo, and then adding little plastic teeth for extra spooky fun!

Batty Bakery Kids Halloween Party Ideas - Halloween Paper Straws

But we can’t forget one of our favorite parts! We used our new reusable Plastic Party Spoons in orange and added a simple bat ring. It’s those little tiny extra touches that make these parties complete! The kids sure didn’t mind the extra treat while scooping up ice cream that’s for sure.

Batty Bakery Kids Halloween Party Ideas - Halloween Party Supplies Style Board

Are you ready to do some spooky baking? Shop the party below!


Goodie Bags: Purple Polka Dot, Orange Polka Dot, Black Polka Dot, Lime Green Polka Dot

Treat Cups: Orange Polka Dot, Purple Polka Dot

Sprinkles: DIY Sprinkle Mix Kits, Monster Mash

BakeBright Cupcake Liners: Black Dot, Purple Dot, Orange Dot

Paper Straws: Orange Dot, Dark Multi Stripe, Black Dot, and Lime Dot

Reusable Party Spoons: Orange


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