BakeBright S&T Liners are a star! Magazine Feature FTW!

No big deal, just freaking out over seeing an S&T BakeBright™ liner on the COVER of next month’s Food Network magazine. Yes, that’s our beauty all by its lonesome on the cover of this magazine feature. Lots of work goes into designing the perfectly spaced pattern and picking out the perfect colors. So honored to see our work loved by so many and featured so beautifully.

BakeBright Quatrefoil Cover Photo! BakeBright cupcake liners magazine feature!

You guys, we just can’t get over how beautiful this magazine feature is. Our products have been featured in many forms of media over the years, but never on a cover as the lone item! This is so encouraging to us that our paper baking cups perform so well and help make cupcakes so beautiful. Cupcakes should definitely look as good as they taste. That can only happen with truly greaseproof cupcake liners. BakeBright™ Cupcake Liners perform exceptionally better than any others out there. They are made with greaseproof paper that doesn’t fade once baked in. Now we are even more excited to release the final details of our BakeBright™ Cupcake Liners. There’s still lots to tell!

Thanks to our friends at The Sprinkle Factory for snapping this gorgeous magazine feature photo for us and for alerting us to its existence! Can’t wait to get our hands on one! I guess it helps when your blogger friends are lovers of your products too!

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