Christmas Ornament Cupcakes Tutorial & Ideas

closeup of christmas ornament cupcakes using sugar crystals and silver quin sprinkles

Earlier this week we showed you how to make Melting Snowman Cupcakes. Today, learn how to make Christmas Ornament Cupcakes this holiday season with just a few supplies from our shop. This makes such a fun kids activity!! Ornament Cupcakes Are The Perfect Christmas Dessert What shape is more iconic for this holiday season than…

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Melting Snowman Cupcakes Tutorial & Ideas

Christmas snow calls for snowman cupcakes!

Can it even be winter without talking about snow? No matter the temperature where you are during winter, this melting snowman cupcakes tutorial is just what you need to complete your Christmas dessert table! If you are looking for just snowman cupcakes like these or a full dessert table like our Melted Snowman Party Tablescape,…

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Dark Chocolate Buttercream Frosting Recipe

spoon full of chocolate buttercream with birthday cake sprinkles

This may just be the best buttercream frosting you’ll ever make! Our dark chocolate buttercream frosting recipe is fluffy and with just the right bitter-sweet flavor. This chocolate icing may just disappear off your counter before you ever get to use it. Chocoholics, rejoice: this will be your new favorite frosting, it’s so easy to…

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Chocolate Drip Cake Tutorial & Ideas

closeup of chocolate drip cake tutorial

Sweets! We are BEYOND excited to be sharing today’s post with you. We have one of our favorite cake decorators of all time here showing you how to make a chocolate drip cake with candy melts! Without further adieu, let’s get started! Hi everyone! Niki here from Cake by Niki. I am so excited to…

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Hot Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe + Cocoa Frosting

hot chocolate cupcakes on cup of mini marshmallows

Sure it’s cold and the sun is a little sleepy but who can complain about all things peppermint and cozy? Not to mention everybody’s favorite winter drink, hot cocoa! It’s practically impossible to go a winter without enjoying a big mug of cocoa. Which naturally inspired us to bring you today’s easy cupcake recipe Hot…

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