Vegan Sprinkles and Sprinkle Mixes

Vegan? Nut allergies? Gluten free needs? There are so many dietary restrictions that our customers have had to navigate recently in the baking world. Vegan sprinkles are a growing request. We thought a little information on our sprinkles was in order.

First up, our Vegan customers! Most all of our sprinkles are Vegan although some do contain soy for those of you that need to avoid it. We have our ingredients listed on our website so you are able to make the best decision before your purchase. As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Vegan, Vegetarian, Nut, Gluten Free Sprinkles - Sweets & TreatsWe work very closely with our sprinkle manufacturer to ensure up to date dietary information on our end. In addition to being Vegan, our sprinkles are also Nut Free and most are also Gluten Free which we’ll cover in later blog posts. We also carry an extensive list of Vegetarian sprinkles.

If you see a sprinkle mix that you’d like to get in Vegan form, please reach out to us, it’s as simple as leaving out some of our colored sugars and/or sugar pearls due to Confectioner’s Glaze in them. Whiles these items are Vegetarian, they are not Vegan due to that ingredient.

Remember our Circus Cookie Sweetscape from a few weeks ago? The Circus Cookie and Rainbow Nonpareils mix used in that shoot are Vegan sprinkles for example.

Sweets & Treats Circus Cookie Instaparty

If at any point you don’t see what you need as a sprinkle mix, we can do a custom sprinkle mix for you! Just put your color requirements into the order notes as well as letting us know that you need Vegan only sprinkles and we’ll mix it right up! Custom mixes are our favorite to do!

Check out our Sweets Sprinkles blog category for more information on our entire product line, including new releases!

Vegan, Vegetarian, Nut, Gluten Free Sprinkles - Sweets & Treats

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